How valuable is the application of big data in the social network of Can World?

With the rapid development of Internet technology, the number of netizens has increased exponentially, and social networks have entered an era of emphasizing user participation and experience. The so-called social network is a social structure formed by the collection of social individuals and the connectivity between individuals in the information network. The birth of social networks has enabled humans to use the Internet to move from simple information search and web browsing to the construction and maintenance of online social relationships, as well as information creation, communication and sharing based on social relationships.It not only enriches the communication mode among people, but also brings about profound revolution to the formation and development mode of social groups.

In the era of mobile Internet, UGC (user-generated content) continues to develop, and social networks have become more and more popular, which can allow users to share content online anytime and anywhere. Therefore, huge amounts of user data are generated. Faced with the advent of the era of big data, complex and changeable social networks actually have a lot of practical value.

The value of user data generated by social networks is far greater than that of the platform itself. Compared with big data such as search and e-commerce, social user behavior data transmission path is shorter and has higher value.

So in the entire ecosystem of social networking sites, what value can big data from social networking of Can World bring?

1、The diversification value of Can World social network big data

Because of the diversified design of Can World APP and the diversified needs of users, there are many different points of communication, such as Sharing Can, Interaction Can, Topic Can and Story Can, which are faced with the needs of different users in different dimensions. Thus, a large number of social data in many fields like sociology, communication, behavior, psychology, anthropology, and public opinion has been produced. We develop and analyze these data, so as to grasp the trend of events more accurately and find the right marketing objects.

2、Big data detection technology is based on the trend of big data in social networks

With the diversified development of social network big data, the demand for social network big data in various fields shows a tremendous growth trend. Therefore, how to use these data is the most concern for Data Technology Analysis Group of Can World. Data Technology Analysis Group of Can World, based on social network big data technology – the processing platform of detecting code big data, uses advanced Web Crawler Technology and distributed computing capabilities to do network information data collection, data extraction, data mining, data processing of  for customized target data sources, and then provides data input for various information service systems. In the application of social network big data, it tries to provide users with more convenient and intuitive data analysis results.

Attach spatio-temporal symbols to the data from the social networking platform of Can World, remove false and retain true, and collect from different sources or even heterogeneous data as far as possible. If necessary, it can also be compared with historical data to verify the comprehensiveness and credibility of the data from multiple angles..

Data Technology Analysis Group of Can World uses redundancy configuration, distribution and cloud computing technology based on low cost, low energy consumption and high reliability objectives; it classifies the data according to certain rules when storing data, reduces storage by filtering and deduplication, and adds tags for easy retrieve in the future. Based on the in-depth digging of the user’s structure and behavior characteristics, the hidden useful data can be realized by means of statistics, online analysis & processing, intelligence retrieval, machine learning, expert system (relying on past rules of thumb), pattern recognition, etc..

3、The function of Can World data analysis

Can World social network data analysis is a service-oriented product derived from the massive data of social networking sites, but at the same time they also provide great reference value for social networking sites conversely. According to the analysis results of social data, Can World social networking sites can further develop applications and functions suitable for users’ needs, so as to stick users on their own platforms. Utilizing social data analysis tools to provide personalized user portraits, you can see the user’s hobbies, characteristics of consumption, dynamic characteristics and other behaviors, so as to better understand the user’s needs. It can push more accurate information to users and achieve more accurate digital operation.

In the wave of “big data”, Can World application based on big data of social network will bring more benefits to enterprises, promoting the application and promotion of big data analysis in all walks of life will bring “great value” to enterprises and society. At the same time, the most sensitive issue in the deep data digging is still the issue of user privacy, but Can World is anonymous and strange social, we pay good attention to the protection of user privacy, meanwhile, it also provides users with more accurate and convenient services, which meet users’ needs and users’ safety, and achieve sustainable business benefits.

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