Cui Yuanze, National First-level Artist And Senior Registered Teacher Of Chinese Calligrapher Association, Reached A New International Height Of Chinese Calligraphy

Recently, Cui Yuanze, National First-level Artist and a Korean calligrapher with the honorary title of “Senior Registered Teacher of Calligraphy of the Chinese Calligrapher Association”, was interviewed by hundreds of foreign media and the interview video was broadcast in the relevant art programs. Cui Yuanze, with the title of the senior registered teacher of Chinese Calligraphy Association, the honorary dean of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy of China International Culture Association, the honorary dean of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy of Wenhuage, art consultant of the Capital  Calligraphy and Painting Academy and Cui Yuanze is the first calligraphers to be concerned by hundreds of foreign media and to report and publish his works. He reached a new international height of Chinese Calligraphy.

The brief introduction of Cui Yuanze

The brief introduction of Cui Yuanze

Cui Yuanze, a Korean calligrapher, National First-level Artiste and Senior Registered Teacher of Calligraphy of the Chinese Calligrapher Association was born in Mishan, Heilongjiang Province in 1942 in a scholarly family. He graduated from Chinese Calligraphy and painting Correspondence College in 1989. He studied with Ouyang Zhongshi and now lives in Beijing. He is the current the honorary dean of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy of China International Culture Association, the honorary dean of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy of Wenhuage, art consultant of the Capital Calligraphy and Painting Academy, the Art Consultant of the Northeast Branch of the Bayi Calligraphy and Painting Academy, the Director of the Chinese Calligraphers and Painters Association, the Image Ambassador of the Chinese Public Welfare, the Art Consultant of China Life Science Aassociation´╝îDirector of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy of China Cultural Association of Poetry and Wine, First-Class Calligrapher and Painter of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Art Consultant of the National Rural Left-behind UNICEF, Art Consultant of China Lao Tseu Association and so on.

Cui Yuanze: simple, vigorous and cultured

Writer: Li Keliang

Clerical script is the mainstream style of Chinese calligraphy. A perfect writing style and thinking mode have been formed in the long historical inheritance. Clerical script is the main part of Cui Yuanze’s calligraphic art and he also writes regular script, running script, seal script and cursive script. He loved calligraphy from childhood. Later, he learned from the famous calligrapher Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi. He studied various famous calligraphy of Han Li for many years and learned a lot from the famous works of Liu Gongquan, Yan Zhenqing and Zhao Mengfu and some other calligraphers. From the deep exploration of traditional resources, he knew that calligraphers should respect the ancient but not be the same as the ancient. He unexpectedly wrote a new style. His works are powerful, straightforward and simple. He created his own style on the basis of inheritance of the traditional Han clerical script. His unique artistic style is reflected by his woks.

Cui Yuanze: simple,vigorous and cultured

Evaluation of art:

1. The comments of Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi on Mr.Cui is that the ability of Cui Yuanze’s calligraphy is solid and wonderful.

2. Comments by Li Duo, a consultant of the Calligraphy Association: Cui Yuanze’s calligraphy works are elegant, magnificent and solemn in style.

3. Comments by Zhang Hai, Chairman of the Calligraphy Association: Mr.Cui’s calligraphy is unique and thick with the rigorous structure and layout, and the ending point is innovative.

4. Comments by Professor Ren Deshan, the main speaker of Chinese Calligraphy on CCTV Calligraphy and Painting Channel: Mr. Cui Yuanze’s calligraphy is as gentle as himself and he formed his own style.

5. Comments of Master Fan Zeng on Mr. Cui is that the calligraphy of Cui Yuanze is stable, dignified, fluent and natural. He formed his own style with rich meanings.

6. Comments by the professor He Jiaying, Vice-Chairman of the Artists Association: Mr. Cui Yuanze’s calligraphy has formed his own style and characteristics, and has his own personality pursuit. He is a rare artistic talent.

7. Comments by Su Shishu, the current chairman of the Calligraphy Association: Cui Yuanze’s clerical scripts are so thick and magnificent.  His writing is frequent and fresh. He is a real calligrapher with his own style.

8. Teacher Wei Ding of the Palace Museum commented that MR. Cui’s calligraphy is full of the skeleton of Jin Nong’s, beauty of Liu Bingsen’s and bamboo leaves of Zheng Banqiao’s.

9. Jin Dongshan, Director of the Cultural Exchange Center of the Asia-Pacific Affairs Committee of the United Nations Peace Foundation and Vice-dean of the Bayi Calligraphy and Painting Academy commented on Mr.Cui ‘s calligraphy works: Teacher Cui’s calligraphy works are the positive energy of the present era, leaves virtue for the society, and truly embodies the calligraphers who are devoted into realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream.

Cui Yuanze: simple,vigorous and cultured

Cui Yuanze’s character is a typical northern style of calligraphy, its main characteristics are honest and simple. It contains a clear, meaningful and spiritual realm, which can be described as a combination of rigidity and softness and with vigorous momentum. He writes a set of words calmly and leisurely by using his brush pen. It is often with power penetrating the paper and with the magnificent momentum. Such an imposing manner is an important feature of clerical script of Cui Yuanze’s art. In his writings, the graceful and magnanimous spirit, dancing characters and calligraphic style of steel and iron show the ideals and pursuits of the ancients, and tell the long history of Chinese calligraphy art.

As a hardworking calligrapher, Cui Yuanze has made great achievements in exploring the spirit of Chinese calligraphy by practicing and studying in Linchi for decades. In order to  grasp the force, thickness, purity and subtleties of Chinese calligraphy better, he facsimiled the works from Wei and Jin Dynasties as well as from Tang and Song Dynasties. He talked with the ancient every day when reading and facsimileing their calligraphic works and  learned a lot from traditional culture. Its writing is simple and rich, and its ink is thick and alive. He wrote crudely and subtly, not only vigorous and unrestrained, but also the words  are dense just like a tree, and with strange posture, upright and square folding, forming his won beautiful style. Throughout his brushwork, there is a sense of frequent and the interest of ancient and modern.

Cui Yuanze: simple,vigorous and cultured

Cui Yuanze deeply realized that the success of a person’s calligraphy ultimately depends on cultural connotations. Calligraphy without connotations is like the source without water and the wood without root, which is difficult to really grow. For this reason, he strives to absorb the essence from traditional culture and seclude the mystery of traditional calligraphy in his own style, which can make us be awareness of the rich connotation of the calligraphy works and unremitting artistic pursuit of the calligraphers. Cui Yuanze is very good at learning from the ancients. His works take advantages of the works of Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi, Yan Zhenqing, Ouyang Xun, Yu Youren and so on. His brushwork is vigorous and powerful, and his strength of writing is obvious. He strives to innovate in the content and form of calligraphy without departing from tradition, which not only embodies profound traditional skills, but also is full of the sense of the times.

Cui Yuanze: simple,vigorous and cultured

While absorbing the essence of the ancients, Cui Yuanze also had his own ideas and formed his own pure and unique style of calligraphy gradually. From the aspect of artistic style, his calligraphy emphasizes masculinity. His works are full of meanings and with deep charm and strong flavor. We can see that his handwriting shows a heroic spirit on the paper and it can shock us deeply. Calligraphers often take calm attitude to splash ink, and their works are all full of varied changes in the neat writing.  When he holds his pen, he seems to have the ability to pull out a thousand strokes, and then the strong and vigorous fonts appear on Xuan Paper one by one, which can attach importance to the relationship between ups and downs. There are no words in a mess. Whether it is from the combination to the dotting, or from the part to the whole, it contains rich cultural connotations.

Cui Yuanze: simple,vigorous and cultured

Cui Yuanze’s profound achievements in calligraphy originate from his theoretical accomplishment, cultural accumulation and artistic talent as well as are related to his years of knowledge and precipitation. Cui Yuanze is person who are up-and-coming and persistent in pursuing his aim. He not only knows the charm of traditional calligraphy, but also integrates different kinds of calligraphy into a whole. The inner cultivation and exploration can be fully epitomized in his works. On this basis, he learned a lot from many other teachers and constantly asked for new knowledge from famous calligraphers of all ages. He took the advantages of the calligraphy from all the calligraphers and made them become his own style. From his series of works, we can know the rich meaning and connotation as well as the unremitting pursuit of art of Calligrapher.

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