The Wirecutter appoints Tribit’s XBoom as its new Top Pick Bluetooth Speaker

The latest ultraportable upholds the company’s vision of sound quality and value.

Tribit continues its foray into the Bluetooth speaker segment with its latest ultraportable, the XBoom.

The company’s first entry, the Tribit XSound Go, garnered universal claim for its remarkably clear sound profile that was packed into a tight but well constructed pill-shaped chassis, allowing you to take it virtually anywhere. The XSound Go maintains its standing as the Wirecutter’s Budget pick for the category, but where the XSound Go leaves off, the XBoom picks up.

Tribit’s new speaker has earned the Wirecutter’s top pick in the Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker category. The previous pick, the UE Roll 2, comfortably held the honors for two consecutive years.

The XBoom’s appointment as the new top pick is an impressive feat considering the competitive popularity of the growing Bluetooth segment. Also as the best gift guide, XBoom is supposed to be the best choice for holiday day gift.


With the Wirecutter’s emergence as an authoritative staple for critical reviews of consumer products, casual listeners and audiophiles alike are increasingly searching for comparisons of quality and value in portable audio solutions. The new ultraportable furthers Tribit’s successful formula of combining formidable sonic performance, quality hardware, and value is demonstrated with its strong entry and immediate recognition by the Wirecutter. As speaker brands strive to pack as much tech and acoustic capabilities into smaller and smaller implementations, Tribit has been able to design attractive speakers that provide riveting auditory experiences with functional portability in a very short window of time, compared to long-established audio brands. The XBoom brings Tribit its next win and adds to its growing list of accolades and recognition. We break down how the XBoom accomplishes this with its design and features explained, below.

Connect 2 for More Power

To get things started, the XBoom utilizes Bluetooth 4.2 to maintain stable connectivity with your mobile device or tablet for up to 66ft. But it doesn’t end there. Tribit incorporates some welcomed tech to complement the speaker’s audio capabilities. The ultraportable can be wirelessly paired with another XBoom to produce even more sound, opening the door to a multi-room setup, typically only found in premium Bluetooth speaker segments.


Portable Clarity

Housing two 45mm passive radiators, the XBoom’s speakers put out 12 watts a piece, totaling for a substantial 24 watts. Maintaining Tribit’s persuasive clarity, the speaker separates sound admirably and does so with serious volume. The speaker’s portability excels with the presence of a generous 5200mAh battery, providing a runtime rated for 20 hours of continuous playback, on a single charge. Recharging the battery requires a modest 4 hours. To protect its portability, the speaker carries an IPX7 waterproof rating for use in humid and wet environments.

Expansive Bass Goes 360°

The XBoom wears a cylindrical shape to generate total atmosphere for listeners wanting a uniform sound to saturate their space. This design approach liberates listeners from orienting speaker position to accommodate traditional setups. Tribit takes things a step further with the addition of their proprietary XBass Technology delivering enhanced bass at the touch of a button. Found at the top of the speaker, once pressed the dual bass radiators deepen the experience.

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