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Nov 23, 2018 – The Open Port site is basically a free open port checker tool that can be used for checking a remote TCP port status as open or close. This toll can even be used for testing the device or a router for port forwarding. This checker tool can effectively be used for checking one’s external IP address and detecting open ports on a certain connection. The tool is highly beneficial when it comes to finding out whether a port forwarding setup is correct or not or if the server applications are constantly being blocked by a certain firewall. The tool might even be used in the form of a port scanner for scanning a network for ports that are generally forwarded. Here, it must be noted that certain ports like port 25 are generally blocked at ISP level for preventing malicious activity.

At, you get the free utility checker tool for remotely identifying or verifying whether a port is closed or open. The tool is highly useful for individuals looking to verify port forwarding and checking if a server is operating or an ISP or firewall is blocking some ports. can be described in the form of a website that offers information on subjects that are related to port scanning, open port and networking along with other related topics.

There are three important sections covered within the site and there are specific introductions provided to the visitors on all the three topics or sections covered. The section called Online Tools is comprised of all network-associated tools. These tools can directly be run from the website. Here the main website tool is Open Port Checker Tool coming with the potential of detecting on target machines if a certain port is closed or open.

Then there is the Offline Tools section containing tools that can be downloaded and run from different devices being used by the user. These systems include mobile devices, laptops and desktops. Currently, the site has the Mobile Tools section in its development procedure and it will soon be added. The section called Articles is basically the blog section where visitors get to read articles about open port, port scanning and various other networking topics. Articles on the site get updated on a regular basis with new and relevant content. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you visit the sire time and again for getting new and updated information.

Sources close to the administration and development team of the site say. “Our main objective is adding freer and easily understandable online open port tools, great content and offline networking tools to our website. We look forward to making our website one of the best places where the entire community can get the right resources. We have even added a Q&A section to our site for answering relevant questions. We keep updating this section with new questions and answers for the ease of our visitors. We consider our readers to be the most important links in the services that we offer.”

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome on the site along with anything that the readers think would work for the site and make it more helpful and user-friendly.

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