Know the Warning Signs of Foundation Damage and Repairs Issues with the Best!

If there is one thing we know at Ram Jack Pacific, it’s that there is no place like home and for the past 40 years we have been the leaders in foundation recovery, stabilization, and repair. We are here for all your foundation repair services and are dedicated to getting your job done right the first time and ensure that you will never have the same problem twice in your homes foundation. At Ram Jack Pacific, we are more than just a foundation repair company because we go above and beyond for our customers by teaching them about early warning signs of foundation damage. We educate our customers to ensure their most prized possession is stable and safe.

Every foundation needs strong, structurally soil underneath in order to support a building. Over the course of time, even the strongest foundations can be damaged by the elements and other contributing factors. Typically, right around the 10 year mark is when problems are likely to arise and it is important to keep in mind that older homes or buildings are much more prone to foundation problems. When you know what to look for, warning signs of foundation damage can be easily spotted with a careful eye. If you notice any of these items in the list below, these are common indicators of foundation damage:

Cracks in bricks, cracks in corners, crack in the floor, cracks in sheetrock or drywall, cracks in stucco, gaps in door drames and windows, gaps in the garage door, leaning chimney, and/or misaligned doors and windows. 

We like to inform our customers about the early indicators of foundation damage because if these problems go left unchecked they can lead to bigger problems that are dangerous and can be quite expensive. By resolving these issues right away you remove any safety concerns, minimize potential future expenses, and avoid hurting the resale value of your property. Our experienced foundation specialists can check your home and look for common indicators of foundation damage. We also know what signs may indicate more serious problems that can be more expensive to repair down the road if not taken care of.

If you think your home or building has an issue with its foundation do not wait to repair the problem. Ram Jack has many locations across the country and experienced specialists that will provide you with lasting solutions done right the first time. Do not wait for your problems to get serious, visit to learn more about what to look out for or if you want to speak to a foundation specialist right away give us a call at 619-503-3078.


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