Global Camellia Oil Market Size and Share analysis to 2025

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Global Camellia Oil Market Overview:

The camellia oil or more commonly known as the tea seed oil, is an edible, pale-green and non-volatile oil that is known to have a sweet, herbal aroma and is obtained via cold-pressing seeds of Camellia Oleifera. There are various variants of the oil like extra virgin oil, Pure and Pomace. The camellia oil industry is majorly boosted by its usage in the food and cosmetic sectors. It resembles the olive oil and is saturated with vitamin E and is used in various culinary forms like salad dressings, dips, marinades, sauces etc. It is also known to include the benefits of lowering cholesterol levels, blood pressure, improving hair health, healing wounds, reducing the risk of cancer and many other health benefits.

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What is the size of Global Camellia Oil Market?

The market has maintained a decent growth rate of XX% from $XX million in 2013 to $XX million in 2018. It is expected to grow to $XX million by 2025.  Its main production centres are United States, Europe, China and Japan. Commercially though, it is rarely produced outside of China, from where exports are plenty. So, while buying the oil elsewhere, ingredients are to be checked to ensure the product is real. In China, it is majorly used to for cooking in the Hunan regions. In Japan too, the oil is used for cooking and in multiple hair products. North America is a huge market for the oil owing to its multi cuisine format of dietary habits. Also, its health benefits make it a prospective oil for cooking purposes in many nations.

Major Players in Global Camellia Oil Market:

Deerle, Acemeliai, Jinhao, Wilmar International Limited, Shanrun, Green-sea, Guitaitai, Runxinoil, Waltt Products Co.,Ltd, Laozhiqin (Fujian) Oil Co., Ltd etc.

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Because of its excellent storage qualities and low content of saturated fats, the oil is often used as a vitamin E supplement. It is often mistaken to be the tea tree oil, which is a non-edible oil and used for medicinal purposes. Further, the camellia oil has found usage in protecting carbon steel cooking knives from rusting. Its multiple health benefits are owed to its high levels of oleic acid (which is greater that 80%) as well as other acids that are necessary for a healthy body. Big firms like Jinhao and Wilmar are investing in order to explore the possibility of using the oil as a cure for cancer. Governments and health care sectors too are attempting to learn about the various oil that can be used as a form of healing. Therefore, it is expected that the market will stay afloat for years to come.

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