Even the Strongest Foundations Can Obtain Damage – Get the Facts

Foundations are the backbone to which every building or home is constructed on. Even the strongest foundations are susceptible to damage over time because of things like the elements or other contributing factors. At Ram Jack, our foundation specialists know what can cause even the strongest foundations to crack under pressure and they are able to properly diagnose the situation, then suggest the best option to repair your foundation. Ram Jack has over 40 years of experience to get your foundation job done right the first time and with the most cost effective solution.

Over the years, we have learned that the most common reasons that foundations start to fail is because of poor ground conditions, poor construction or even mother nature can have negative effects on your foundation. One of the biggest culprits of foundation failures is soil conditions around the foundation. If the soil was not leveled and properly compacted before the foundation was laid, the soil can shift over time and cause problems to your foundation. Foundations that were constructed without the proper amount of steel or rebar can affect how long the foundation lasts. Improper draining of roof gutters and area drains can cause the soil to expand or consolidate and crack your foundation. Mother nature can cause foundation damage if you have trees or plants near your home because they can take the moisture from the soil and leave it dried out which can shrink the soil leaving the foundation without solid support. Depending on the situation, Ram Jack offers different solutions of foundation repair to ensure the job is done correctly.

If your building has experienced foundation damage, there are a variety of methods that we utilize to effectively repair the damage. Our foundation repair specialists are able to properly diagnose the situation and properly select the right type of foundation repair. Some forms of foundation stabilization might include:

  • Helical Pile System – Good option with foundations above sandy or swampy soils, or for lightweight structures.

  • Deep-Driven Steel Pile System – Trusted option for foundations sitting on rocky or clay soils.

  • Wall Tiebacks – This option provides necessary support when sitting on hydrostatic pressure.

  • Slab Brackets – Used to support failing slabs of concrete and normally used with Helical Piles.

There are many reasons that your foundation might start to fail but Ram Jack informs their customers on early warning signs relating to foundation damage. If you think there is any issue with your building’s foundation do not wait for your problems to get serious, visit www.ramjackpacific.com to learn more about what to look out for or if you want to speak to a foundation specialist right away give us a call at 619-503-3078.

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