Tigre Uno Distribucion to introduce superior quality Cannabis Seeds

Tigre Uno Distribucion SL based in Barcelona, Spain takes pride in offering authentic and top quality Cannabis seeds.

Tigre Uno Distribucion has gained expertise in the production of Cannabis seeds along with genetics from more than 120 breeders across the globe. The team of Tigre Uno Distribucion are also highly specialized in the development of Feminise Cannabis Seeds. It was one of the pivotal decisions executed for the growth of cannabis market for the past few years.

Regular seeds were the standard prior to the introduction of feminized seeds in the market. It contained the presence of 50% male and the remaining 50% female seeds. This was a period of intense vexation especially amongst the farmers since they were asked to multiply the quantity of seedlings to make sure that there is adequate volume of female plants in the long run.

The size of the male plants was not all an issue in the midst of developing cannabis seeds. The feminized seeds are reproduced in such a way that they are grown as female plants while the breeding process cuts down all the male chromosomes. The estimated growth of a female plant is approximately about 99.9%.

In order to produce a healthy and robust cannabis plants is to kick-off with superior quality seeds. The outcome is purely based on the combination of prime nutrients, sufficient watering and decent light quality. Generating authentic genetics is possible only through sourcing top quality Cannabis seeds. One of the advantages is that it is very helpful in eliminating dud seeds along with the supply of required cannabinoid and terpines.

The best recommended ways to determine the overall quality and attributes of a Cannabis seed is their appearance. Out of which some might take a bit time to identify. Normally the outer shell of strong and vigorous seeds appears to be darker in color. Those that exhibit grey and black shades are good seeds. In some cases, healthy seeds contain a coating of wax on the outer shell. It is particularly visible when they are exposed to direct sunlight.

The top quality seeds that appears to be darker in color will be quite firm while placing them in between thumb and the index finger. Its flexibility may be tested by squeezing or bending them. It is considered to be worth planting if it does not bend or break even after excess pressure is applied on them. On the other hand, below average Cannabis seeds are more likely to break or crumble when extreme pressure is applied. They are normally regarded to be unusable if it is broken into several parts when light pressure is executed.

The estimated time period for germination of immature and young seeds is very long. They normally appear to be green and white in color. Experts recommend using superior quality seeds that has an optimal age. The cannabis seeds which are found in a bag are not good owing to the negligence of farmers while placing female plants along with the male ones. The male focuses on pollinating the female plants thereby cutting down the production of THC containing resin. Those who are not quite sure about the quality of cannabis seeds even after examining their appearance and rigidness may perform a test to arrive at a positive outcome. The initial test is to pour some spring or distilled water into a jar and later place the seeds on the outer surface. It is regarded as one of the cost-effective technique to gauge good genetics out of the bad ones. Seeds that stay afloat on the surface are likely to be of poor quality and they should be disposed off. Healthy seeds are the ones that sink to the bottom.

The second best method to determine the genetic capability of a seed is to place them in the soil. The results are instantaneous. An excellent way to track highly potential seeds is to scout for a reliable seed bank. Most of the companies boast of the breeding skills while ensuring the discerning customers are supplied with exactly what was published. Today there are wide varieties of Cannabis seeds available in the market. Out of which standard cannabis seeds tops the list. They often arrive in male and feminine. If an individual purchases 10 standard cannabis seeds, it is quite hard to determine if the plants are male or female ones. If the seeds are planted in favourable conditions, they appear to be feminine plants.

Feminised cannabis seeds have the potential to produce flowers while the male ones do not due to the presence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The former have the capacity to produce substances like THC, CBN and CBD when compared to the latter. The seeds are send for testing to make sure it is genetically proven and uniform before delivered to the market. For example, Afghan Skunk, Yellow lemon haze and Amnesia haze are some of the leading feminised seeds being sold in the market.

Auto flowering cannabis seeds are normally cultivated in those areas that experience short summers. It is one of the major factors behind the blooming of ruderalis plant within two to three weeks. They are indigenous in certain parts of Russia, Northern Europe and even neighbouring countries including China and Mongolia. The traces of THC in this plant are very low when compared to Sativa and Indica. Examples of Auto flowering cannabis seeds include Amnesia Haze auto, low rider auto and AK 47 auto.

Medicinal Cannabis seeds are exclusively meant for the users of medicinal cannabis. They are helpful in alleviating medical conditions such as blood circulation, spasms, nausea, chemotherapy, loss of appetite and hormonal issues.

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Tigre Uno Distribucion SL is focused on producing top quality Cannabis seeds at an affordable rate to the customers residing in Barcelona, Spain. Visit the official site of the company.

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