Rehabilitation Clinic Helps Patients Get Back To Work

“Unique Work Conditioning and Work Hardening Programs Offer Safe Transition Back To Workplace”

Allen Park, Michigan – November 26, 2018 – Preferred Rehabilitation Inc. offers a second chance to patients seeking to return to the workplace after an illness or injury. The work hardening and work conditioning programs provided by the clinic are designed to help patients regain full physical function before they return to work. These types of therapies focus primarily on a patient’s particular workplace tasks, duties, and environment. This makes them ideal for patients who have made progress with traditional physical therapy methods but are still lacking function in regards to their own particular workplace. Preferred Rehab Inc., located in Allen Park, is one of the leading physical therapy clinics in the Detroit area.

Both work conditioning and work hardening therapies make use of simulated or real work tasks with the goal of ensuring that patients are prepared to safely transition back into the workplace and avoid re-injury or the development of new injuries. A work conditioning program is designed to help patients to regain functions related to the body’s cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal and neurological systems. The program’s focus is on developing mobility, motor control, strength, endurance, balance, and functional abilities.

Work hardening programs are highly structured and goal-oriented programs that are personalized to a patient’s unique health and wellness needs. A work hardening program seeks to help patients regain cardiovascular, neuromuscular, biomechanical and psychosocial functions, as relate to their specific work tasks. The multidisciplinary nature of a work hardening program requires the incorporation of physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and vocational specialists. Each program incorporates real or simulated work environments with tasks designed to promote strength, flexibility and joint and spine stability.

Workers from a range of labor-intensive professions can benefit from a work hardening or a work conditioning program when seeking to return to the workplace after an injury. These include professions such as:

  • Chefs, cooks and other food workers

  • Postal workers

  • Delivery drivers

  • Healthcare workers

  • Painters

  • Plumbers

  • Electricians

  • Construction workers

  • Police officers

  • Firefighters

If you have already completed a physical therapy program, but still find yourself struggling with the physical requirements necessary to return to the workplace, reach out to Preferred Rehabilitation Inc. in Allen Park, Michigan. The physical therapists at Preferred Rehabilitation Inc. can offer you a specialized work hardening or work conditioning program, with the goal of helping to fully prepare you to transition back into the workplace.

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