ExShell ET was Launched Simultaneously around the World and Transaction Charges can be Deducted up to 50%.

On November 23rd, ExShell Token went online simultaneously around the world and opened the ET/USDT campaign. ET is the ecological token issued by ExShell which is the world’s first digital asset exchange.

ExShell will repurchase ET 20% of its net profit every quarter, and the repurchased ET will be completely destroyed. When the total amount of repurchase reaches 30% of the total amount, the repurchase will stop.

The following are the essential highlights of ExShell ET:

1. Repurchase rules. The open market issuance price of ET is $ 0.1 per token, and the minimum repurchase price of the first quarter is 0.2 dollar/piece; if the market price is more than 0.2 dollar/piece, it will be repurchased at the prevailing market price; the minimum repurchase price of the second quarter is 0.3 dollar/piece; if the market price is more than 0.3 dollar/piece, it will be repurchased at the prevailing market price. Moreover, ET is the only Token with a clear marked price in the industry.

2. ET can be used to pay transaction fees. The specific rules involve the first year, 50%; the second year, 25%; the third year, 12.5%. At the beginning, the exchanges will give users discounts in order to attract users’ attention and ET’s discounts are unprecedented.

3. ET can be used to deduct rates in full ecological applications. It includes listing fee, leveraged loan charge, OTC service charge, token loan fee and withdraw fee, etc.: the first year, 20%; the second year, 15%; the third year, 10%. Compared with other Tokens, ET has a wider application scenarios, and it must have a high circulation rate in the future, which further stabilizes the long-term value-added of ET.

4. Multi-channel of usages. The specific allocations are as follow: 25% for security reserve, 20.1% for exchange circulation, 20% for community operations, 10% for ET Fund, 10% for pre-transaction subscription, 9.9% for founding team and 5% for strategic partners. From security reserve to community operation, from user interests to partner interests, the distributions of ET usage are more reasonable, which can stimulate each role in the ecosystem to play its maximum value.

It is reported that ExShell has gathered the world’s top operational and technical experts in traditional finance and digital finance, and its core founding team members are from former senior executives of Huobi.

Recently, more than 10 top investment institutions and well-known investors such as Consensus Lab, Turbo Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, LD Capital, and Crypto Capital jointly invested in ExShell. Meanwhile, ExShell also launched the first digital asset current management product-ShellBel. The highest annual return of ShellBel is 36%, with free withdrawal and no transaction fee. According to the official website announcement, the first phase of ShellBel will open three kinds of digital assets investment, BTC, USDT and ETH. The profits will be calculated on daily basis, and the investment will begin to accrue interest after 24 hours.

In order to celebrate the launch of ET and thank users for their supports, ExShell launched a Thanksgiving campaign to airdrop towards new registered users and ET-holders, with a maximum of 1 million ETs. Time is limited, first comers first get till all gives out!

It’s not difficult to see that ExShell is looking for the long-term development. With the development of ecological construction and the application of ET’s diversified scenarios, ExShell’s market position will be gradually improved. We expect ExShell to provide more perfect ecological experiences of blockchain for global users.

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