Zhaopin Unveils 2018 Top 30 Employers in China

Company culture is crucial to attract and retain employees, Zhaopin found

CHENGDU – November 26, 2018 – Zhaopin Limited (“Zhaopin” or the “Company”), a leading career platform in China focused on matching talent with skills and opportunities throughout their career lifecycle, announced the Top 30 winners of the “China Best Employer Award 2018”, with Tencent leadingthe list. Meanwhile, Zhaopin released its report on the trends for new employment relations in China.

The workplace is under transformation in China. The continuous penetration of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence,has posed new challenges to employers’ structure, culture and incentive systems. In evaluating their employers, employees gave top priorities to company culture. Sharing the same values became the most important factor for employee retention, which overtook salary and benefits.

According to Zhaopin’s report, open and free working environment (43.4%), respect for employees (32.8%), and keeping commitments to employees (30.6%) were the most valued elements of company culture.

Meanwhile, how to inspire and motivate employees has been a big challenge for employers. The sense of achievement (66.1%) is the most important factor to motivate employees, followed by salary and equity incentive (64.7%) and interests (47.6%), according to Zhaopin report.

Identifying trends in employment relations in China, and providing guidelines and best practices for employers, have been the key goals for Zhaopin’s annual “China Best Employer Award” since 2005.

China Best Employer Award Winners 2018

Winners of the 2018 China Best Employer Award were led by a Top 10 group that included, in order: Tencent, BMW China, China Merchants Bank, Vanke, SF Express, the People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China, FAW Group, China BSH Home Appliances Group, BAIC Group, and Mercedes-Benz (China) Ltd. The full ranked list of the Top 30 Employers is set forth below.

Among this year’s Top 30 Employers, 30% are public companies. By industry, winners from the production/processing/manufacturing sector and the IT/telecom/electronics/internet sector both accounted for 27%. By regions and cities, 77% of the winners are from the first-tier cities.

The annual “China Best Employer Award” was organized by Zhaopin together with the Peking University Social Survey Research Center. Launched in 2005, the award has become the most influential and prestigious employer brand event in China. The “Oscar” of the human resources industry in the country aims to determine industrial trends in corporate management and human resources management and analyze demand change in the job market. The award is both a valuable reference for job seekers, and an important benchmark for employers to strengthen brand strategies.

This year’s winners were selected from 30,854 nominated companies, representing an increase of 76% over last year. Partnering with the UN Women and the World Health Organization, the award selection this year was based on opinions from employees, human resource experts and professionals, and the public. A record of 7,018 human resource professionals participated in the selection, and more than 40 million votes and nominations were cast by employees and the public.

In addition to the Top 30 Employers in China, Zhaopin also announced winners for the “Best Employer for University Students”, “Best Employer for Female Employees”, “Most Socially Responsible Employer”, “Employers with the Most Potential”, and“Most Intellectually Spirited Employer” for 2018.

Employer’s Culture Is Key for College Graduates – “Best Employer for University Students”

Winners of “Best Employer for University Students” this year included iQiyi, Huawei, SF Express, Vanke, Starbucks, Baidu, Unilever, Tencent, Netease and Ping An Insurance Group.

More employers are focusing on brand building and talent training programs to attract and retain college graduates. Among all nominated companies, 87% had campus presentations or participated in college job fairs in 2018, while 94% have talent training plans and programs for college students. The winning companies have a retention rate of 85.4% for college graduates, higher than 76.6% for other nominated companies, according to Zhaopin survey.

An employer’s culture, including attractive company culture, keeping commitments to employees and respect for employees, is the most important factor of an ideal employer for college graduates, followed by competitive salaries and benefits, healthy working environment, and fair and efficient management, Zhaopin’s survey found.

EmpoweringFemaleWorkers – “Best Employer for Female Employees”

This year’s winners of the “Best Employer for Female Employees” included IBM China, Lenovo, Vip.com, Amazon.cn, Mondelez International, BMW China, Microsoft China, Ikea, China Merchants Bank, and Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co. 

The “Best Employer for Female Employees Award” was jointly selected by Zhaopin and UN Women, andintegrated the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) into the award selection criteria. Zhaopin found that 70% of award winners have signed documents to protect women’s rights, including the WEPs and the Female Employee Collective Agreement.

According to Zhaopin’s survey, in 2018, the three-year career goals for female employees are adding personal value, accepting new challenges and expanding network of resources.

For award winners, they have focused more on empowerment for female employees. Female employees for these companies accounted for 51.9% of total employees, compared with 42% for other nominated companies. For promotions, 48.1% were for female employees at awarding-winning companies, higher than 43.7% at other nominated companies.

Showing Social Responsibility – “Most Socially Responsible Employer”

The “Most Socially Responsible Employer” awards this year went toA. O. Smith, China Fortune Land Development, Luye Pharma Group, Tianfu Software Park, China Tower, GAC Motor, HSBC, SAIC Volkswagen, China General Nuclear Power Group, and China Mobile, which had demonstrated their responsibilities for employees, environment and society.

Among these winning companies, the average annual salary increase for employees was 17.0%, higher than 11.2% for other nominated companies. Their employee turnover rate was 11.0%, lower than 12.6% for other nominated companies. The winning companies spent 3.6% of total revenues on employee training in 2018, with 65.9% of their employees participated in training.

The award-winning companies completed 93 charity donation projects in 2018, accounting for 2.82% of their total revenues. Employees of these companies participated in non-profit activities for 10.72 hours per person this year on average, higher than 8.75 hours for employees from other nominated companies.

Partnering with WHO, this year’s evaluation also covered employer’s performance on building smoke-free working environment. Among the winning companies, 100% have regulations and policies to prohibit smoking in indoor working areas.

“Employers with the Most Potential” and “Most Intellectually Spirited Employer”

The 30 winners of the “Employers with the Most Potential” awards this year includes EF Education First, Aier Eye Hospital, Delixi Electric, Orient Securities, Bank of Hangzhou, Air Changan, and Tuniu.com. These are fast-growing companies with initial success in their industries.

The winning employers scored much higher in employer’s culture compared to other nominated companies. More than 50% of employees from these companies are satisfied with their salaries, and 84% think their salaries reflect the value of their work, according to Zhaopin survey. The average monthly salary for employees from the winning companies ranges from RMB8,000 to 8,999, higher than RMB6,000 to 6,999 for other nominated companies and the national average of RMB7,580 based on Zhaopin’s data for the third quarter of 2018.

The 30 winners of the “Most Intellectually Spirited Employer” awards this year includes 36Kr, Gridsum, NIO, VIPKID, AIWAYS Auto, BYD, Cheetah Mobile, PharmaBlock, Luckin Coffee, UBTech, and UCloud. These companies are applying new and creative technologies to explore market opportunities.

Most winners of this award are from intelligent hardware, corporate services and automobile sectors. 72.5% of their employees have a bachelor degree or above.

The List of “China Best Employer Award 2018” Winners:

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