Paloalto is called the most advanced blockchain computing network by AlphaPoint, a famous blockchain service provider in the United States.

AlphaPoint company

Founded in 2009 and first announced at the end of 2015, AlphaPoint is a financial technology company that provides blockchain solutions for the storage, tracking and trading of digital assets.

AlphaPoint evaluates the efforts made by Paloalto in the most difficult direction to break through for the current blockchain technology. It is a blockchain project with the blockchain spirit and craftsmanship spirit. The integration of the innovation and technology has balanced the multi-party problem of the blockchain. The decentralization, security and scalability of the blockchain are improved. Among them, the zero-knowledge proof and the anti-center horizontal node balance the system’s security, privacy protection, and core technology ideas of decentralization.

AlphaPoint also commented on Franz Fischer, the Jesus of Bitcoin, is the most thoughtful blockchain engineer in the blockchain field. Franz Fischer not only promotes the decentralized bitcoin development process, but also has the characteristics of blockchain’s subversive. Paloalto is a pioneer in the current blockchain and strives to solve the problem of blockchain technology and make efforts to the core idea of blockchain.

The company also provids “white label” back-end solutions for more than 20 digital asset exchanges. It completed the technical proof test of the blockchain platform. And the test results proved that the blockchain decentralization technology can make up for its decades of system defects. Later, it established a partnership with technology giant Intel and provides new security solutions for its digital assets.

Blockchain belongs to a field of technological innovation. At present, this field is in the fastest growth compared with other fields. In the prospect of rapid development, it also faces many difficulties. However, the blockchain is currently creating a new and more open technology environment for the world. The value of blockchain in the future is an undeniable trend. 

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