ExShell ET Trading has Started and 24-hour Transaction Volumes Exceeded 60 Million

It is reported that the ET (ExShell Token) was launched at 10:30 AM, November 23, and the transaction was very hot. As of press time, 24-hour trading volume of ET has exceeded 60 million, which is quite eye-catching in the current bear market. ET’s strong trading volume has undoubtedly given the market a boost after one week of the darkest days of cryptocurrency.

Upward Trend Chart of ExShell Token

ET is the ecological token issued by ExShell and its total amount is 2 billion, there will be no more additional issue. When the total amount of repurchase reaches 30% of the total amount, the repurchase will stop.

It is perfectly reasonable that ET of the bear market has caught everyone’s attention, because platform Token is easier to get rid of the independent market. The cryptocurrency circle has already had precedents, and the strength of the ExShell behind ET is exact extraordinary to be worthy of investors’ long-term holding.

ExShell has gathered the world’s top operational and technical experts in traditional finance and digital finance, and its core founding team members are from former senior executives of Huobi. It provides more efficient digital financial services for global value investors by targeting the business models and financial products of the top five traditional exchanges in the world.

Although it was set up in the financial winter of crypto-currency market, ExShell has always been favored by the capital. Recently, more than 10 top investment institutions and well-known investors such as Consensus Lab, Turbo Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, LD Capital, and Crypto Capital jointly invested in ExShell.

Excellent projects of the bear market are more precious. The enthusiasm of investors just show the recognition of ET in the market. In the bear market, we hope everyone can invest rationally. It is also hoped that ExShell can better serve all the value investors.

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