HarneyMFG Encourages Homeowners Toilet Bowl Lights and Toilet Seat Warmers Installation For Instant Comfort

Decorating bathrooms should be given the same priority as with any other room in the house. In addition, using the toilet should give homeowners maximum satisfaction with modern design. The trend is to integrate both functionality and aesthetics for the utmost luxury.

The bathrooms are the most overlooked areas in the house during makeovers. HarneyMFG believes that bathrooms are actually the easiest to decorate due to its size. By prioritizing the homeowner’s lifestyle and preference, redecorating a bathroom will surely be a breeze. Moreover, a toilet bowl shouldn’t have to look mundane and outdated since it’s the most visited spot in the house daily. On top of that, quality should be prioritized above anything else. No one has to move mountains to achieve an amazing design. Sometimes, simple and clever alterations can lead to exquisite bathroom transformations.

Toilet bowl lights not only provide a pleasing and eye-catching appearance but also offer several purposes for the entire family – kids and seniors alike. It enables convenience during nighttime toilet activities. Those with impaired visions can easily access and use the toilet bowls without laboriously searching for the bathroom light switch. Kids can also enjoy urinating on a toilet bowl with a cool, lit design. The toilet bowl lights illuminate a soft glow making it easy on the nighttime visualization as well. HarneyMFG introduces these avant-garde toilet bowl lights suitable for every toilet bowl size.

Apart from going to the bathroom in pitch-black conditions; sitting on a cold toilet seat can be a challenge in the middle of the night. HarneyMFG suggests that installing toilet seat warmers will end all urinating and defecating struggles in cold temperatures. Modern technology has also allowed the integration of other toilet heating features such as a bidet toilet-seat heater, or different kinds of heated toilet seats with special cushions to give homeowners maximum amenity. Additionally, these heated toilet-seat bidets are also equipped with anti-bacterial features and the capability to sanitize themselves. However, it’s always a smart move to clean toilet seats regularly to ensure bacteria-free usage all the time. 

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