AI+VR, A Revolution Breakthrough in Face Recognition

Face recognition will soon be more than just swiping cards, turning on a computer or paying for a bill. Now the mobile phone will be like this: Take 2 selfies with the phone, 3D recognition of spatial data can be captured immediately, the digital image in the phone’s digital space for stereo recognition and interact with people in real time through AI.

“Give me 2 seconds, make people’s digital life last forever!” – Deng Shitian

Deng Shitian, a China Tech Geek, has solved the problem of digital face recognition by real-time reconstruction of low polygon with feature recognition and spatial fetching technology. For the first time, 3D recognition was successfully implemented on mobile phones and PC platforms to realize 3D digital imaging in real-time space and prove that it can be used in VR field.

Furthermore, a bigger breakthrough is not only the reconstruction of digital information, but also the intelligently distinguishing the relationship between digital structures, take the lead in developing and implementing the AI judgement, carry out precise intelligent control on digital roles, and realize real-time deep interaction and real-time expression interaction of digital roles.

AI features, Real Face Recognition

Face Recognition is a biometric technology based on human facial features, which is considered to be one of the most difficult research topics in biometric recognition and even AI.

But how to achieve highly intelligent 3D face recognition? Virtual imaging like Star Wars! Traditional face recognition technology relies on vertex information features, optical features and other methods. ‘Brush face recognition’ has no model information, only vertex information, model scan recognition, and collected model has a large number of abandoned polygons, disordered structure, mixed information, no recognition of facial features, no facial recognition features.

According to Deng Shitian’s research, small feature points were transformed into scientific polygonal topologies, and the pentagonal structure was radially linked, which established the connection between point and surface, through the analysis of the Topo structure by AI, the character points of the character are distinguished to establish the character. After adding different polygonal points, the character judgement of AI is introduced to from the 3D digital face recognition with life characteristics.

New AI information 3D digital face recognition is considered to be the real face recognition. Because high-fidelity and high-recognition digital reconstruction interacts with AI, it will be compatible with and replace non-digitally imaged swiped face recognition, model scan recongnition without interactive information.

This is the first time in the world that real 3D face recognition can be achieved with the deep combination of artificial intelligence and face recognition using graphic technology. The technology, which creates highly simulated digital roles, can be applied to medical, education, business and other related fields. With the rise of VR, AR and MR, all these will bring great expansion and application space to people.

The inventor Deng Shitian said: “This technology will be applied to VR technology, changing people’s lives by tech is my long term goal.”

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