China’s First Songs Promotion Program Idol Hits Grows in the Process of Exploring and Shows the Charm of Chinese Musicians to the World.

Recently, Lay Zhang, the musician of music promotion show with the highest score of the first nine-week list of IDOL HITS, successfully unlocked the overseas resources of the program and displayed the growth and charm of Chinese musician to the world. Moreover, as China’s first music promotion show program, IDOL HITS has been growing in constant exploration; meanwhile, its namesake list also reflects the new trend of Chinese pop music.

IDOL HITS Provides a Display Platform for Musicians and Its Namesake List Boosts the Development of Chinese Music Market.

Produced by iQIYI, IDOL HITS is a original music stage show and China’s first music promotion show program, and it has been broadcast exclusively on iQIYI platform from September 7. The program presents the process of musicians’ music promotion show and uses a new and personalized form to focus on youth culture, conveys young people’s attitudes as well as expound the value of music stage toward musicians.

Based on the environment of China’s entertainment industry, combining reality show and stage, IDOL HITS not only increases the visibility of program but also hopes to make the audiences understand the meaning of music promotion show and the story behind the musician through reality show. We expect to rely on the power of the program and the strength of the market to push music industry forward, make the whole market return to the music environment that everyone concerns about. The musicians will gradually return to the music stage, instead of relying on variety shows and TV series to maintain energetic in the market, says Jiangbin, Vice-president of iQIYI. 

More than this, the program aligns Billboard China and nielsen·ccdata to Produce metadata to support the new list of music IDOL HITS on a weekly base,which dedicates to providing a stage for musicians to perform and publicize their new works. The list collects data from four dimensions, including audio-visual transmission index, social interaction index, stage heat index and  audiences favorite index so as to guarantee the credibility of the list. It restores the most authentic audiences’ desire; besides, it provides a platform for musicians to show themselves and inject fresh blood into Chinese music. By the ninth week of the list announcement, numerous audiences have reacted that through paying attention to the IDOL HITS they have listened to more pleasant new songs.

IDOL HITS Attracts Excellent Musicians to Promote Songs and the Program Receives Favorable Comments both at Home and Abroad.

At present, IDOL HITS has been broadcast for nine weeks, successively inviting series of musicians of diverse types and circles, such as Lay Zhang, Roy Wang, Kun, Hebe, Yoga Lin, Mao Buyi, Dimash, Joey Yung, Mike Angelo and Samuel, etc. The program respects no national boundaries, makes musicians return to the stage of music and commits to boosting the prosperity of Chinese music market. For instance, Lay Zhang obtained the program resources of big screen shows of Nasdaq and Reuters in the US, with his highest list comprehensive scores. On stage, Lay Zhang makes audiences great visual enjoyment by his graceful show. Additionally, the stage is also praised by everyone as “the immortal one”. Another example, Dimash, together with his highly penetrating high-pitched voice, has shocked many audiences again. We guess his amazing dolphin voice will be unforgettable for a long time.

So far, the program has received much intense attentions from a number of industry sources. For example, Hu Xiaowei, Billboard China COO remarked, “It is a cool, serious and pleasant program, which meets the market needs of new songs, new musician and new ideas, as well as meets audiences’ needs of topics and enjoyment.” Xu Huanliang, the founder of AmusicRights said, “The program is rigorous, fashionable and enthusiastic, and the audiences on the spot have the sense of substitution from stage lighting and sound.”

The media professionals also comment that the program enables the new generation of Chinese musicians to find a stage to take off. It is worth mentioning that IDOL HITS has also been widely spread and loved by lots of foreign fans. Uncle Motor, the former Media Director of S.M.Entertainment, expressed high recognition of the program. He said that IDOL HITS is an open program can expose the story behind the musicians. The recording scene is orderly, the whole process and stage design of the program are excellent too. Moreover, the program respects and takes care of fans very much, and allow them to interact closely with musicians. Even, there are buses to take them home after recording, which is very moving for everyone. IDOL HITS’ effort is really worth learning for other Asian countries.

As the preliminary attempt of Chinese music promotion show, the beginning of the new music list age, IDOL HITS and its namesake list also promised to provide the stage and opportunity to the best musicians. The namesake list will also bring outstanding music works to more audiences and record the development and change of Chinese music.

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