RoadLinx Introduces Heated Trucks for Shipping of Specialty Products

Freight trucking and international shipping company in North America, RoadLinx, has introduced heated trucks for specialty trucks. Heated trucks are just like refrigerated trucks, but their temperatures can be set to the warmer side as well. Companies and individual clients can now ship goods that require warm temperatures without worrying about their condition while in transit.

During shipping, there are products that require to be kept cool but not frozen. These include items like cheese, milk, and wine. For such products, reefer trucks would not be the most ideal solutions during shipping. That’s why RoadLinx has introduced heated trucks to cater for the needs of customers with products and goods that require special temperatures. The temperature settings allow the trucks to act as both coolers and warmers of items. In particular, these trucks are suitable when shipping cargo during winter and in areas where temperatures drop below the freezing point at certain times of the year.

Heated trucks are the new big thing in cross-border shipping where items can remain in transit for several days. With a heated truck, it is possible to adjust the temperature to levels a shipper deems fit for the products on transit. This capability is extremely useful in cross-border sipping where weather and climates can vary significantly from one state to another.

In addition to getting products shipped in heated trucks, clients also enjoy additional services such as cargo escort and detailed freight tracking. With these services, individuals and companies can rest assured that their cargo will be delivered to their premises in perfect condition. RoadLinx also offers expedited shipping services for urgent or high-priority cargo. Also, whether one wants full truckload shipping or less than truckload shipping, the company has them covered.

Clients no longer have to worry about shipping products that require delicate temperature control. With RoadLinx heated trailers, they can save a lot of money that would otherwise be lost when perishable goods go bad or lose their quality while in transit due to exposure to unfavorable temperatures.

About RoadLinx

RoadLinx is a leading provider of cross-border freight shipping and overall freight services in Canada and the United States. The company prides itself as a logistics expert as it does not just offer shipping services. RoadLinx also coordinates the complex operations that go into ensuring that cargo reaches the customers on time and in excellent physical condition.

The company offers a broad range of shipping services which include:

RoadLinx offers storage solutions as well. Clients get to enjoy short-term and long-term warehousing services for their cargo. Additionally, RoadLinx offers cross docking services where load is transferred from one truck to another with minimal or no storage in between.

The company’s facilities are heavily secured with a fenced perimeter, 24-hour surveillance, and smoke detection, fire alarm, and sprinkler systems to ensure the safety of cargo while in their warehouse. It has a dedicated team of workers who are ready to meet the clients’ shipping and warehousing needs.

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