Quickkonnect – A Digital Revolution Happening Right Now

Quickkonnect is an application that focuses on bringing simplicity to networking.
With the scan of a personalized QR code, a user can automatically share their contact and social media information — virtually effortlessly.

Quickkonnect has launched in September and has had a steady increase in users and user retention.

Over the past weeks it has provoked a massive spike in their traffic in the Boston region through their extraordinary marketing efforts, seeing more than 320% user increase in such a short time.

Why are millennials so keen on joining Quickkonnect?

Students have been signing up to Quickkonnect in staggering numbers, but why? Social media platforms have seen an unprecedented increase in users, with a virtually endless stream of new subscribers. Never before has social media played such a key role in the lives of adolescents, businesses, and brands — the problem? With such a wide array of different platforms for people to choose from, it has become very difficult to share your social media details. Quickkonnect aims to solve this problem.

With Quickkonnect, a user can create a digital hub for their social media and contact information that they can share with anyone through in-app features such as Airdrop, QR codes, Search-ability functions, and even through hyper-links. Another appraised feature is the Quickkonnect Live Contacts which solves the problems of many travelers. Do you use different phone numbers, email addresses or constantly change these details? No problem! With This innovative new feature your contacts will always have your current details, automatically synchronizing any changes that you implement. 

Whether or not this new craze keeps its momentum is unclear. What is for certain, however, is that this start-up has created an innovative technologically sophisticated solution to the struggles of modern networking which follows their brand mantra of „bringing simplicity to networking“.

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Company Name: Quickkonnect
Contact Person: Florian Messerer
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Phone: 0049 152 29199685
Country: Germany
Website: www.quickkonnect.com