Reclaim the Power! Lucas Roy Lehman Redefines The Concept of Personal Power in Newly Released Bestseller!

Santa Cruz, CA, USA – Certified NeuroTransformational Coach Lucas Roy Lehman has now released his new bestseller, 7 Principles to help people manifest and harness their true potential. The author discusses the societal norms around money and other factors and the disempowering effect it has on individuals. Power is a term typically used externally, usually regarding political oppression or manipulation. People will complain about their lack of power or speak of escaping from another person’s power over them, but there is little discussion of what it would mean to actually have Personal Power. Lehman explores the concept of personal power and provides an eye-opening analysis of the impacts of our current culture in disempowering us.

7 Principles describes personal power as channeling the energies of one’s own desires with ease – a concept distinct from the energies of needs or wants. Lehman defines the clear difference between wanting versus desiring something: One wants something external when experiencing a feeling of lack, but desire is a feeling of overflowing that arises from within. He helps readers to cultivate desire by accepting and expanding on their current selves and their current reality, rather than rejecting themselves and their lives until they have achieved some theoretically better future. Lehman also provides a step-by-step assessment for his 7 principles of personal power. Readers can assess the level of their personal power and use the knowledge to increase their potential.

Lucas Roy Lehman is highly coveted in the field of neuro-transformational coaching – the brain science around how we make positive change. He has conducted personal power seminars in the US, Canada and Sweden. Throughout his extensive career, Lehman has worked with thousands of people to help them overcome their limiting blocks.

In addition to coaching, Lehman has been a certified Intimacy educator for over 10 years, and a performing musician for over 40 years. He has recorded four successful CDs and his original rock musical Prime! played to sold out theaters in NYC and LA and is currently in development as a TV series. He is also a founding director of the non-profit Freedom Within Prison Project, teaching emotional literacy to incarcerated men.

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