SMALLRT Mini TV Antenna introduced by Top 10 TV Boxes, with SMALLRT X3 Pro with Android TV OS recommended

SMALLRT Mini TV Antenna is considered as the best model a popular model in the TV Antenna field, which comes from the well-known TV Box factory which has done OEM for NEXBOX. A95X, etc. hot TV Box brands. Today, the tech website of Top 10 TV Boxes introduced this model which is on sale at Amazon. Check for more:

Mr. John from the website says, “There are quite some different HDTV antennas in the market that give you access to free network TV over the air in resolutions up to 1080p Full HD. It is true that most of the ones we’ve tried did not work quite well. SMALLRT Mini TV Antenna comes from a well-known TV Box factory which know TV boxes best and made much success in the industry.”

SMALLRT Mini TV Antenna is easy to use. What an user needs to do is just to stick them up on a wall or in a window in order to get decent reception. If you want free OTA TV without having worry about the antenna being an eyesore, definitely check out the SMALLRT Mini TV Antenna at

Check the details from the official page:

  • 1. Excellent reception on all FM/VHF/UHF channels.
  • 2. The super soft, unobtrusively thin design and powerful reception capabilities make this antenna a top choice for any home.
  • 3. Get rid of Cable TV, enjoy your favorite channels without paying Cable tv subscriptions or satellite fees.
  • 4. Better built-in quality for better signal reception, longer cable for re-position.

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In addition, Android TV OS is absolutely a hot topic for TV Box, especially promoted powerfully now by many TV Box brand and manufactures. Android TV doesn’t just serve as a static home-base for apps. It’s a dynamic way to find new content and can work like a Chromecast to stream content from your mobile device to the big screen. SMALLRT X3 Pro comes with Android TV OS. Check for more:

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