Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery offers Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal with Sleep Dentistry!

WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL SYDNEY – ALL 4 $970 – Free Consultation
By limiting their scope of treatment in Sydney to wisdom teeth removal only, the Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery offers wisdom teeth removal at the most affordable price under sleep dentistry

Sydney, NSW – November 27, 2018 – Wisdom, Teeth Day Surgery, offers an excellent facility for experienced dental surgeons and oral surgeons to perform wisdom teeth removal with affordable pre-established fees. Wisdom teeth may be removed for a variety of reasons including infection, decay, cyst, and crowding. In most of the cases, there will not be enough space for the wisdom teeth to grow properly. Partially erupted wisdom teeth are difficult to brush, clean and are susceptible to bacterial infection.

The spokesperson stated, “We are a team of health professionals who love to help our patients. After noticing the very high pricing around for wisdom teeth removal, by limiting our scope of treatment in Sydney to wisdom teeth removal only, we are able to provide treatments at affordable prices helping a lot of patients especially the ones with Private Health Insurance”.

When asked about sleep dentistry the spokesperson said, “We understand that patients are very anxious about wisdom teeth surgery. The specialist in our facility offers sleep dentistry through IV sedation in a safe environment with all required latest equipment and monitors capable of offering patients a safe and stress-free wisdom teeth removal Sydney”.

“We accept most of major Health Insurance plans with a HICAPS terminal and patients can have further rebates or discounts on the spot. We offer fees with our anaesthetists that range from $322 to a maximum of $375. The specialist anaesthetist fee has a rebate from MEDICARE of around $250 and patients end up paying as little as 100 dollars out of their pocket after the rebate”, he added.

“Our ultimate aim is that everyone should get proper treatment and care. This is why we offer the most affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney. Removing four wisdom teeth here will never cost more than $970,” he concluded.

One of their clients delightfully stated, “Both my daughter and I had a great experience with Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery in Sydney. The wisdom teeth Sydney costs are so affordable and the dentist where great! They were very professional, put us at ease very quickly. Thoroughly recommend!”

About the Company:

Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery with a team of health professionals offers affordable wisdom teeth removal Sydney under sleep dentistry. They care every single patient and provides at most care during and after the procedure. Visit https://wisdomteethsydney.com.au/ for details.

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