Murad Islamov is paving his way to success and being a role model to the youth

The Motivated and GO-GETTER Murad Islamov is paving his way to success and becoming a role model to the youth. Murad made a name for himself utilizing social media. He has gained exactly 21.8K followers of his official Instagram @muradislamov10 and gets support all over the world. Murad who is a 19 year old Turkish male who is emerging to become a professional soccer player one day and become the best is working very hard.

He wants to change the world and impact humanity. He told our newsroom exactly this word for word. Murad – “It’s a process and I understand, I am trying to reach a level where I can impact people’s lives and change society, like even this talking to you guys, doing this interview right now is a blessing, I am chasing my dreams for myself and also for my family, I am the only one that’s breaking the cycle to this. Majority of the people get comfortable with their lives and their 9 to 5s, don’t get me wrong but that’s not me, I was always born to stand out and be different, I am making a name for myself and paving my way to success. As I am on this journey on fulfilling my purpose, I want to motivate the youth in the city to keep growing and keep practicing.”

Murad Islamov, who is putting the 603 on the map, is inspiring the youth and guiding them to success. Islamov wants to inspire and be the motivation to the city to make it out and make the youth acknowledge that there’s a whole new lifestyle outside of the city. Murad who is going to be including in a web series in the upcoming year of 2019, wants to show his talents in the big screen. “I am multi talented and I want everyone to know that I am very excited about this opportunity,” said Murad.

Murad Islamov is on his way up and there’s more to this kid than just kicking a soccer ball with so much ambition and passion. He wants to change the world and impact it, in a really big way. He is inspired by his role models including, Muhammad Ali, Meek Mill, Mahatma Gandhi, Elon Musk, Tyrese Gibson, Martin Luther King. He is making sure people will know his name and the influences that he would accomplish. Murad Islamov is on the rise to stardom and its time for the people to acknowledge it!

Make sure you stay up to date and follow Murad’s Official Instagram @MURADISLAMOV10

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