Preserve Public Land Access In Montana By Supporting Citizens for Balanced Use

Montana – Public land access in Montana is a topic near and dear to nearly every person that lives in the State of Montana and for most the very reason they live here.

Citizens for Balanced Use is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2004 and dedicated to preserving multiple use public land access in Montana for everyone. Since 1995 Montana has lost more than 25,000 miles of roads on public lands. This infrastructure was critical in providing access to these lands not only for recreation but for proper management.

Further restrictions and loss of access for land management activities has contributed to the recent severity of fires and the lost revenue to local communities which has adversely affected the ability of local government to provide basic services. Outdoor recreation and access to these public lands is vital to economic vitality but more important the social well-being and public health.

“Obliterated roads and new gates with signs that say “Road Closed” have become the norm in Montana on our public lands”, stated Kerry White, the Executive Director of Citizens for Balanced Use. He adds “The federal land management agencies are to blame for these closures which restrict the majority of users from enjoying these lands. Closures affect everyone but specifically those with limited mobility, our elderly, disabled, and physically impaired”.

Well-funded environmental groups with an agenda of removing people from the land are constantly attacking public access. In the name of preservation these environmental groups are in fact destroying the environment both physically and emotionally. The lands once open to everyone are incrementally being closed to everyone through environmental litigation resulting in government actions of access restrictions. Lands scorched and sterilized by catastrophic fires become baron wastelands void of wildlife and vegetation. Homes and properties destroyed, people and wildlife killed, local economies crushed, and all in the name of so-called preservation.

These trends must be reversed and this is the mission of Citizens for Balanced Use. “Our organization supports a more balanced use platform that embraces ALL user groups and this includes motorized, mechanized, and all forms of public transportation,” says White. He adds, “This is a more balanced approach then simply saying let’s shut the door to only able-body and physically fit individuals.” Disabled veterans, many of whom rely on motorized access, have been the big losers in the closing of the public lands over the last 20 or more years.

Citizens for Balanced Use fights for public access issues all over Montana but they also do work in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming, so their influence is not strictly limited to Montana. The organization needs and values everyone’s support and they continue to lobby for an inclusive approach of access to and on these public lands. Citizens for Balanced Use opposes the discrimination, segregation, and prejudice brought by environmental groups against people simply wishing to enjoy the public land treasures. “These actions of intolerance are unacceptable and must not be allowed to continue”, White stated,” because these lands belong to the people and this means all the people”.

Please support CBU in keeping these public lands open to everyone by making a year-end tax deductible donation. The organization has 501 (c) 3 status, so donations will be entirely tax deductible and will help ensure everyone is able to access and enjoy these lands today and into the future.

Visit today to donate or send donation to CBU, P.O. Box 606, Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730

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