Detoxify Healthy with Eco-friendly DETOX Mitten, Now Live on Kickstarter

Groundbreaking mitt designed to improve skin from head to toe

DETOX Mitten has officially launched its campaign on Kickstarter, giving people around the world an early look at the groundbreaking new exfoliating mitt.

The gentle exfoliating mitt is soft to the touch but has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and scars by unclogging pores laden with sebum and toxins.

The DETOX Mitten makes an exceptional complement to virtually any skin care routine, offering six months of use with weekly usage. It can be used on the face and the whole body to detoxify the skin, smooth the skin, and even produce skin firming results.

The DETOX Mitten is eco-friendly and can be washed for re-use.

When pledgers back the DETOX Mitten campaign, they get the exclusive opportunity to save 45% off on their very own DETOX Mitten. The team at DETOX Mitten aims to raise just over $10,000 to produce more of their products. Pledgers are receiving the mittens in both CLASSIC and SOFT options.

With the CLASSIC, users get the more “scratchy” version for deep exfoliation, while the SOFT alternative provides a silky smooth feel for gentle exfoliation. Both are designed with high-quality materials designed to provide remarkable results.

According to the team at DETOX Mitten, their exfoliating mitt has been designed with the height of quality in mind. The DETOX Mitten is available in many colors such as rose, sky blue, natural green, and pink to purple. Whether given as a holiday gift or as a treat to oneself, the DETOX Mitten is sure to please.

Backers still have a few weeks to place their pledges. The team at DETOX Mitten aims to grow into an international brand with the help of Kickstarter pledgers.

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