Gentle, Compassionate Treatment is a Priority at Bacchus Marsh Dental House

Melbourne, Australia – Nov 27, 2018 – Dr. Fong Yong, owner of Bacchus Marsh Dental House, specializes in skilled, compassionate and gentle treatment for patients of all ages. The dentist offers dental implants, orthodontics and Invisalign® dental aligners to alleviate an array of dental problems and give individuals the smiles that they deserve.

“We welcome patients of all ages and invite you to contact us to arrange your next dental appointment,” said Yong. “Our team provides gentle treatment and comprehensive dentistry to support beautiful, healthy smiles.”

The loss of even a single tooth can have disastrous consequences. It can ruin a smile, result in shifting of surrounding teeth, bone loss, make speaking difficult, and impair the chewing process. Modern, custom dental implants at the Bacchus Marsh Dental House address all those situations. They’re a convenient and permanent solution when a tooth is lost to damage or disease.

It’s never too early to bring children in for an orthodontic check-up with the dentist Melton, nor too late for adults to avail themselves of the modern techniques for improving oral health. A myriad of treatments are available to improve aesthetic appearance with crowns, bonding or veneers. Orthodontics Bacchus Marsh enable individuals to chew properly, prevent uneven wear on teeth, and alleviate painful jaw problems.

The need for straightening teeth is one of the most common problems treated at Bacchus Marsh Dental House. The practice specializes in discreet Invisalign Bacchus Marsh, the most advanced method available. They improve alignment, appearance and functioning of teeth. They’re effective for addressing teeth with gaps and overlaps, teeth that protrude, and over and underbites.

The dentist also offers traditional braces, dental fillings and dentures, and root canal therapy. Periodontal treatment is available for gum disease, along with the removal of wisdom teeth and teeth whitening. Children’s dentistry is available to identify any potential problems early, familiarize children with the dentist Ballan, and aid in developing good dental habits.

Bacchus Marsh Dental House provides a comprehensive array of treatment for individuals of any age to improve and restore smiles. Beautiful and healthy smiles can be achieved through the gentle, compassionate and quality care provided by the team of dental professionals.

About Bacchus Marsh Dental House

Dr. Yong looks after the health of families from the Bacchus Marsh, Melton and Ballan areas – some of which represent three generations – and the practice has been a part of the community for over 30 years. The team of friendly dentists, oral health therapists, hygienists, and dental nurses provide individualized options for each family member that entrusts their care to the thoroughly modern Bacchus Marsh Dental House.

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