Respected area Waterproofing and home service company, KC Waterproofing wants to remind homeowners to clean their drains and gutters before winter sets in. By Zoey Thompson

Kansas City, MO – A house is only as strong as its foundation and water damage is the leading cause of foundation decay.  When a home’s gutters overflow, downspouts that have been placed too close to the foundation end up dumping massive amounts of water onto the foundation itself.  As most people are aware, water causes erosion. It is water erosion that created the Grand Canyon and it is water erosion that is the leading cause of damage to home foundations. Don Derry of KC Waterproofing has been working with homeowners since 1985 to repair the damage caused by water and to waterproof homes in order to prevent damage. He explains that waterproofing a home is one of the best preventative steps someone can take to preserve the integrity of their property.

“As water slowly erodes the surface of a foundation,” he explains, “tiny cracks and fissures appear. When water is then pooled against those cracks as often happens during a rainy fall, it seeps into them.  All it takes is a deep freeze with water in those cracks to expand it and worsen the fissure. After a while tiny fissures become big ones and the foundation is cracking and becoming unstable.”

As a structural repair contractor he has had to stabilize foundations and provide support structures on countless homes to counteract water damage—something that is very costly for homeowners. Derry explains that while he’s grateful for the work it bothers him that good people have to pay so much money out of pocket to repair something that could have easily been prevented with waterproofing.

“It’s not that expensive to prepare a home for winter,” he explains. “Plumbers will say the same thing — prepare ahead for freezing pipes rather than pay later to have them replaced. As a certified structural repair contractor I’ve seen it all and I know how costly and time-consuming it is to fix damage whereas to prevent it takes little to no time and barely dents a budget.”

Derry is a certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor by the IAQA and has over three decades of experience working in his field. He understands exactly what it takes to prevent and fix damage and explores new avenues that can cut costs for his clients and improve reliability. His commitment to customers and his employees has made KC Waterproofing a successful local business. He hopes that people take appropriate steps to secure their home before the predicted wet, cold winter sets in.

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