“Seo Mutarevic’s MMA action drama, ‘SHINER’, is getting a North American digital release on November 27th.” – Film Combat Syndicate.

Los Angeles, CA – November 27, 2018 – Bloody knuckles, bruises and brawls – throw your hat in the ring for the US release of Seo Mutarevic’s MMA-actioner ‘SHINER’ on iTunes today:

Directed by award-winning cinematographer, Seo Mutarevic (Wild Side, Pernicious, Crave: The Fast Life) and written by / self-starring Kevin Bernhardt (currently filming Medieval in Prague alongside Michael Caine and Cassian Elwes, The Shanghai Job with Orlando Bloom, Hellraiser III), SHINER is an intense and real MMA actioner starring longtime winning and nominated actress Shannon Staller (Bravo 6556, Lonely Weekend) and Seya Hug (Lucky Girl, Walk of Fame), son of K-1 kickboxing legend, Andy Hug.

“Hug does well as the young and naive fighter from out of town with dreams of making it as an MMA fighter. He has a natural presence to him and shows a lot of potential for a young actor,” wrote Ultimate Action Movies.

SHINER follows Happy (Kevin Bernhardt), an aging MMA champ who decides to help out Matt (Seya Hug), an up-and-coming fighter who abandoned his medical studies to become a champ himself. Matt’s journey to the top lands him the attention of Happy’s former manager, Larry (Brian T. Finney) and a romantic relationship with Happy’s daughter, Nikki (Shannon Staller), on top of rumors from rival coaches that Happy isn’t all he seems to be… Will Matt make it to the top of the underground MMA world? Or will he and Happy have to fight it out amongst themselves?

Headlining “Kevin Bernhardt Shines In the MMA-Actioner Shiner”, Ultimate Action Movies gleamed, “His performance as Happy is such a tour de force of raw emotion and charm. He perfectly plays Happy as someone with a heart, but it’s been buried beneath a cold exterior after years of pain and resentment. The only thing keeping him sane is his love for his daughter and his goal of once again becoming champion, but his past indiscretions make those goals difficult to achieve.”

SHINER has received two recent inaugural screenings, receiving three accolades at the at the 2018 Northeast Film Festival for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ (Shannon Staller), ‘Best Actor’ (Kevin Bernhardt), and ‘Best Screenplay’ (Kevin Bernhardt) (Film Combat Syndicate). “All the actors portraying fighters have a great stance and style to them during the fight sequences, especially Hug. He just looks so authentic as a fighter. So natural. So legit. In looking him up, I found no evidence of him being an actual fighter. Could’ve fooled me,” continued Ultimate Action Movies. The source concluded with, “All in all, I was impressed. It had a deep, genuine story to tell, and it told it well enough.”

SHINER includes a talented cast including Amin Joseph (Snowfall, Dope, Baywatch), Kirk Fox (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Parks and Recreation), Archie Hahn (Guess Who, Innerspace), Rocky Giordani (After Dark, My Sweet, Three Fugitives, Cop & ½), Randall England (Baywatch, Looker), Jackie Mah (S.W.A.T, Shameless) and Michael Hudson (Dirty Grandpa, The Evil Down the Street).

TriCoast Entertainment will release Mutarevic’s action-packed fighter film SHINER onto US digital platforms (Fandango, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, XBOX Live, Hoopla, Playstation and Amazon coming soon) beginning today, Nov. 27th. Watch the trailer for SHINER here:

SHINER (2018, 104 min.) Directed by Seo Mutarevic. Produced by: Ilona Hug, Mark Moore. Editor: Tuffy Williams. Cinematographer: Seo Mutarevic. Original Music: Oliver Goodwill & Alan Howarth. USA, English. Dragonstone Entertainment, Promise Productions, Glass House Distribution, TriCoast Entertainment.

Produced by: Dragonstone Entertainment, Promise Productions.

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