HUB Eco-coin, the brand new Hubi platform currency

With the introduction of BNB, HT and OKB, platform coin has become the standard of digital currency exchange. As a special currency supported by practical use scenarios and values, platform coin has been sought after by the majority of investors, which, although, is launched by the digital currency trading platform, is a collection of tokens used to realize the functions of the platform. But in the coin circle, it is one of the most valuable coins.

Throughout the old and new exchanges, almost all have launched their own platform coins. According to the characteristics of their own platform, a series of incentive mechanisms have been formulated for different users, including: discounts on handling fees, participation in platform business with coin, and dividends with coin, etc.

A comparison of mainstream platform coins is as follows:

(Comparison of Mainstream Platform Coins)

From the above table, we can see that compared with other platform coins, HUB is not confined to the platform interior in terms of function setting, and the use scenario has been extended to the entire Hubi ecosystem. HUB holders can receive not only multi-platform benefits, but also Hubi Alliance ecological dividends. In a word, HUB has more functions and more abundant usage scenarios. It enlarges and upgrades the rights and values of platform coin. It is a truly valuable EcoCoin.

For platform coins that have increased several times, HUB EcoCoin is more worthy of our expectations.

HUB (Hubi Blockchain) EcoCoin is issued by HB Global Blockchain Foundation Limited in Singapore as a global pass connecting Hubi ecological system, carrying the ecological rights, circulation attributes and value consensus. HUB does not support PO, ICO, airdrop, gift, and free release. Its total issuance is a constant of 5 billion, and it guarantees no additional issuance.

I. Hubi eco-system

With Hubi Global Alliance as the core, Hubi eco-system is a Hubi eco-circle consisting of exchange alliance layer, public chain layer, Dapp layer and eco-layer.

In order to link Hubi ecosystem, enhance Hubi ecological value and share ecological welfare, HB Global Blockchain Foundation Limited issued HUB eco-coin with Hubi. Part of HUB will be used for HBGA marketing and team operation, and Hubi Found and HBGA user protection fund will be established. The other part will be distributed to Hubi eco-users free of charge through HUB points exchange or mining.

II. Usage Scenarios and Consensus Rights of HUB

HUB carries Hubi’s ecological rights, circulation attributes and value consensus. Let’s take a look at HUB usage scenarios and consensus rights:

1. Hubi VIP consensus rights and Hubi mining dividend

Hubi VIP consensus rights:

Hubi VIP consensus is composed of HU points and HUB EcoCoin, which is not available for sales but requires consensus, that is, to enjoy the rights and interests of consensus. Hubi users only need to reach the corresponding VIP consensus level to enjoy the corresponding consensus rights and interests:

ADiscounts for coin-to-coin commissions

BRegular airdrop of candies

CCoin issuing based on voting

DPriority in coin redemption

EVIP customer manager

FHU points exchange for HUB EcoCoin

GPlatform activity ticket

HMore VIP consensus rights

Following chart indicates the Hubi VIP c
onsensus rights:

Details of Hubi VIP c
onsensus rights)

Hubi mining dividend:

A、Mining with coin holding

Hubi Exchange users who hold HUB are entitled to a Hubi Exchange Fee Dividend. The specific dividends are as follows:

Individual income dividend = Hubi total transaction fee * 50%* (Individual holds circulatable HUB / all circulatable HUB).

BMining with coin deposit

Mining with coin deposit is classified as 30 days, 60 days and 90 days, with annual income rate up to 14%.

C、Mining as invited

Hubi users can get a commission rebate for the transaction fee of inviting friends. The specific commission rebates are as follows:

If it is a first-level invitation relationship, the inviter can get the equivalent HUB commission of 20% of the transaction fee of the invitee’s coin.

If it is a second-level invitation relationship, the inviter can get the equivalent HUB commission of 10% of the transaction fee of the invitee’s coin.

2HBGA alliance rights & ecological dividend

HBGA joint voting for coin issuance 

Hubi Global Alliance (HBGA) is Hubi’s first global “Everyone is a Super Node” trading alliance.

HBGA has introduced a voting consensus mechanism. HBGA super-nodes have a high degree of consensus. With HUB as the voucher of rights, the Alliance votes for coin issuance. Users who vote in the alliance can get the dividend of the transaction fee paid by the Project Party in coin, so as to realize voting as mining.

HUB holders have the right to vote on coin issuance by HGBA.

HBGA node as mining dividend

With a high degree of consensus and shared ecological dividend of the alliance, HBGA can get the corresponding ecological dividend of the alliance according to the total amount of circulating HUB held in the nodes, so as to realize the mining of the nodes.

Become HBGA super node and enjoy mining dividend. The mining dividends are as follows:

Mining dividend of the super node = (total transaction fee of the alliance * 20%) * 50% * (total HUB holdings of the super node / all negotiable HUB).

HUB holders are entitled to HGBA “node as mining” dividends.

III. Future value of HUB

As the Hubi ecosystem continues to expand, HUB will have more usage scenarios, such as trading with popular coins, HUB public chain tokens, Hubi Dapp store certification developer margins, and so on.

HUB does not support PO, ICO, airdrop, gift, and free release. It bears the Hubi ecological rights, circulation attributes and value consensus, links the four levels of Hubi ecocircle, and is a real EcoCoin. HUB EcoCoin will be launched in December. How do you think of its future value?

At last, please note that the sooner you become a HBGA super node, the more Hubi ecological dividends you will receive. What are you hesitating about?! Now apply to join HBGA Global Super Node and enjoy super discount.

For more details, please contact: or add wechat account: l_zhen1019 for business consultation

Recruitment of Global Super Node

The first exchange alliance in which everyone is a super node globally.

Exchange autonomous operating rights/transaction fees/coin release fee/share node mining in alliance pool /enjoy alliance ecological dividend.

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