The Truth About Exercising to Lose a Post Pregnancy Belly

Each year more than one hundred million women get pregnant. Many of these women put lots of energy in to eating healthy and taking care of their bodies so that they will be able to get pregnant. Women can often be seen taking prenatal vitamins, exercising and even monitoring ovulation all to have their own child. Furthermore, women go to similar extremes during their pregnancy to help achieve a health birth. Unfortunately, not as much effort is usually put into postnatal care. There are numerous things that women can and should focus on after giving birth, to maintain a healthy body. 

Exercise is good during all stages of pregnancy. The American Pregnancy Association believes there are many benefits to exercise during pregnancy including increasing energy, improving sleep, reducing backaches and improving overall mood. Although it can be tricky, postnatal exercise can be great when done correctly.

Many women and trainers avoid some of the key issues concerning exercise after giving birth. Major issues like pelvic floor issues, ab work and back pain are too frequently overlooked. Fortunately, there are several great programs like Our Fit Family Life which all cater to the needs of postnatal care. Each of these groups would say check my site for a detailed postnatal exercise plan. 

There are some basic guidelines for women to follow when approaching postnatal exercise. First and foremost, consult with your doctor before beginning a workout program. Once you begin, start slowly and progress to more challenging exercises over time. Most experts recommend sticking to abdominal work but then adding other exercises slowly. Workouts should be something that are enjoyable. Think of exercises that were done before pregnancy and gradually train your body to do those exercise again. Focus on the exercise you enjoy doing. Remember to avoid comparing yourself to other moms. Stay in tune with your body and focus on your own progress. 

In most cases it is recommended that women wait about six weeks after giving birth to begin a workout plan. Women who have had a cesarean usually wait even longer. This time however can vary so it is important to stay in tune with your body. Make sure the body has healed. If any bleeding occurs, this may be a sign that the body needs more time to rest. if the pelvic floor is weak, putting pressure on the abs can lead to organ problems. It is common for women to start with a Kegel routine, to strengthening pelvic floor muscles. 

There are several things to avoid as you begin working out again. Perhaps the biggest thing to avoid is activities where falling is likely. Any exercise jumping, hopping or skipping are included should be avoided as well. It is also a good idea not to work out to the point of exhaustion, even if this was a practice before. Giving birth is a magical thing, however it does not mean a woman must put her life on hold forever. Working out after birth can be great for any woman.

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