The First “Gentleman Style • Chinese Bamboo • Everlasting Elegance” Poetry Painting Competition for all Chinese people in the world

Awards Announced

Recently, “Spread Chinese Traditional Culture, To Be A Chinese of Moral Integrity” – the first “Gentleman Style · Chinese Bamboo · Everlasting Elegance” Poetry Painting Competition for all Chinese people in the world was jointly held by the China Comment Periodical Office and the Yibin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, which conducts the annual general review in Chengdu. After professional evaluation and voting, the gold, silver and bronze awards as well as excellent works of poetry and painting were selected during this competition.

Judges reviewing the calligraphy works on-site

According to the description of the chairman, several traditional culture amateurs have actively participated in this competition since it started in August. The competition has invited domestic well-known experts as judges, including Liang Shimin, the chairman of Sichuan Artists Association, director and judge of China Artists Association, and national level artist; Professor Lin Mu, the Chinese art historian; Professor Hou Kaijia, the Arts College of Sichuan University; Guo Qiang, the national level artist;Zhou Qingyin, deputy secretary of Chinese poetry society, editor-in-chief of China Comment. A total of 120 works of poetry, calligraphy and painting were selected.

Gold award for traditional Chinese painting – March in Miaoling Author: YiJingjing (Hunan)

Gold award for calligraphy – Author: Liu Yuanming (Shandong)

Yibin – “ten miles wine city” – filled with fragrance

It is well known that Yibin, as the first city along the Yangtze river, is “one of the world’s top ten liquor producing areas” and the hometown to the world famous liquor, wuliangye, which has had a profound and long history with regards to Chinese liquor culture. At the same time, Yibin is located at the point where the main stream of the Yangtze river begins. The unique climatic conditions present are suitable for bamboo growth, making Yibin a bamboo resource rich area not only in Sichuan and but also the whole country. Today, the city’s 3.12 million mu of bamboo forest is becoming the new business card as well as the new development drive of Yibin. By 2020, it is estimated that the city will have nearly 400,000 mu of bamboo forest added to it and the comprehensive output value of bamboo forest will total approximately 30 billion yuan.

The first “Gentleman Style · Chinese Bamboo · Everlasting Elegance” Poetry Painting Competition for Chinese on Earthwas held with theaim of “Spreading Chinese Traditional Culture, To Be A Chinese individual of Moral Integrity”, fulfill “cultural self-confidence” of the four self-confident paths of socialism with Chinese characteristics, enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, as well as bring about promoting the creation and development of Chinese poetry, calligraphy and painting.

In recent years, Yibin has vigorously promoted the development of the wine and bamboo industry, undertaking a great deal of beneficial explorations and attempts towards strengthening the construction of liquor and bamboo culture in order to better highlight the characteristics of China’s wine and bamboo city. This competition takes wine and bamboo culture as the central theme. For the first time ever, during the artistic creation of poetry, calligraphy and painting, Chinese liquor and bamboo are both selected as the carriers. This is also an innovative move from Yibin to build a “City of wine in China” and a “City of bamboo” for the promotion of traditional culture and the development of culture and industry.

“Yibin is making efforts to create the name card of “City of wine in China” and “City of bamboo”, said Huang Zejiang, party secretary and chairman of Yibin literary federation as the organizer of the competition. Centered around the bamboo and wine culture, this poetry, calligraphy and painting competition received several good pieces of work in just two months. The competition has also attracted many domestic and foreign news media and their all-round and multi-angle reports, which has helped the domestic and foreign audiences gain an appreciation of the charm of bamboo and wine culture, further increasing the popularity and reputation of Yibin.”

Gao Yichuan, Yibin municipal committee propaganda department executive vice minister, said: “wine and bamboo culture has been the carrier of culture inheritance of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. Yibin, combined with its own characteristics, has been built into a ‘City of wine in China’ and ‘City of bamboo in China’ for the world, which carries out the spirit of the general secretary’s important instructions, making the bamboo industry will enable it to become a beautiful scenery line in the beautiful countryside, and will allows people’s life to be more beautiful and richer. This collection activity has allowed a deep exploration of the new development connotation of wine and bamboo culture, which acts as a useful supplement to the two thematic cultures. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the organizers of the China Comment Periodical Office, cultural artists and media friends for their participation, great support and publicity.”

For details about the winning works, please refer to the competition announcement, website: China Comment(,China Beauty(

“Spread Chinese Bamboo Culture, To Be A Chinese of Moral Integrity”

The first “Gentleman Style · Chinese Bamboo · Everlasting Elegance” Poetry Painting Competition for Chinese on Earth

List of winning works:

The traditional Chinese painting

Gold award, one

Works serial number: 420 Works name: March in Miaoling Author: Yi Jingjing (Hunan)

Silver awards, three

Works serial number: 166 Works name: Times Mark Author: Wang Jie (Hunan)

Works serial number: 237 Works name: Silent Birds Play with fresh Bamboo Author: Tan Qinglong (Sichuan)

Works serial number: 409 Works name: Soft Wind and Spring Rhyme Map of Miao Author: Deng Zhongfu (Kuangxi)

Bronze awards, six

Works serial number: 76 Works name: Song of Gaeml Author: Huang Diquan (Sichuan)

Works serial number: 94 Works name: Lusheng sound of Miao Author: Zhou Juanjuan (Anhui)

Works serial number: 245 Works name: Plateau of the Golden Autumn Author: Zhang Long (Anhui)

Works serial number: 343 Works name: Plateau Sunshine Author: Zhang Hanwen (Jiangsu)

Works serial number: 469 Works name: Gentleman Style Author: Zhou Songxue (Sichuan)

Works serial number: 484 Works name: Harmonious Home Author: Li Zhenyan (Shandong)


Gold award, one –

Works serial number: 655 Author: Liu Yuanming (Shandong)

Silver awards, three –

Works serial number: 367 Author: Cui Jianli (Gansu)

Works serial number: 528 Author: Wei Siyang (Guangdong)

Works serial number: 615 Author: Liu Jiqiang (Sichuan)

Bronze awards, six –

Works serial number: 133 Author: Li Zaibing (Sichuan)

Works serial number: 405 Author: Chen Jiaquan (Henan)

Works serial number: 602 Author: Zhou Zhihua (Hunan)

Works serial number: 604 Author: Pei Jiang (Hebei)

Works serial number: 658 Author: Tang Dongjin (Jiangsu)

Works serial number: 664 Author: Liu Guohui (Shandong)


Gold award, one –

Works serial number: 408 Works name: Yibin Dictionary Author: Chen Zejun (Henan)

Silver awards, three –

Works serial number: 27 Works name: Yibin Wine, Sunshine and Landscape, Nourish Our Soul and Wings Author: Wang Changdong (Sichuan)

Works serial number: 63 Works name: Bamboo Ode Author: Tian Xuzhong (Sichuan)

Works serial number: 389 Works name: Impression· Bamboo Sea in South Sichuan Author: Wang Chao (Jiansu)

Bronze awards, six –

Works serial number: 20 Works name: World of Wine Author: Wang Tangyin (Sichuan)

Works serial number: 50 Works name: Gentleman Style of Bamboo (ancient poetry) Author: Guo Kangning (Sichuan)

Works serial number: 174 Works name: Ink Painting with Bamboo Author: Cheng Yuning (Shanxi)

Works serial number: 302 Works name: Wine Song Author: Wang Xingwei (Guizhou)

Works serial number: 308 Works name: Yibin, Green Bamboo and Tipsy Poetic Landscape Author: Zhao Hongliang (Henan)

Works serial number: 453 Works name: Xufu Song: the Collision or Brilliance of Wine and Bamboo Author: Lu Cheng (Gansu)

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