World Token! The new ecology of financial inclusion system incorporating billions of dollars

The blockchain technology is spreading all over the world, and nearly 80% of financial institution executives have made it clarified that blockchain is transformative and it will bring significant changes to the market. The same proportion of financial institution executives said that their company will use the technology before 2020.

At 2005, the United Nations proposed the concept of financial inclusion system, whose core purpose is to promote finance and create anentirely and equally financial ecosystem for all sectors of society. Today, “World Token” is building a complete cross-border payment ecosystem which is based on blockchain technology and traditional financial complementarity. Providing blockchain payment solutions, solving the high cost, low efficiency, large exchange rate difference and other pain points for the global financial circulation field, reducing the cost of financial circulation, forcing the traditional financial enterprises to reform and to be innovated, and to promoting the global payment industry move forward.

World Token is a blockchain-based financial services system. It is the world’s first blockchain application system that truly has a profitable model, financial payment services and technology scenarios. The ultimate goal is to build the next-generation financial payment network that will aggressively expand global business with new business models and value propositions.

World Token is characterized by decentralization, peer-to-peer, openness and transparency. Data exchange between nodes is carried out through digital ring-encryption technology without mutual trust. At the same time, through traceability, and use smart contracts to guaranteed a credit system to entire ecosystem.

Compared with the traditional financial payment industry, the financial inclusion system + blockchain technology will be the next popular topic. World Tokenwill have an infinite future by using blockchain technology combined with the financial payment industry. It will create a new and improved financial payment industry environment and also a new industrial structure.

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