PubHTML5 Page Flip Software Provides Effective Custom Language Feature

PubHTML5 is designed for businesses and individuals who create online contents that they intend to present in different languages. The custom language feature of the page flip software allows users to define a particular language to appear on flipbook labels.

People create and publish digital contents that are intended to be viewed by the public. With this, content creators should take the different languages that different people want to use into consideration. PubHTML5 has good news for digital content publishers out there. With this page flip software, the language on the flipbook’s interface can be customized.

Here is the easy way to do it. PubHTML5 page flip software must be installed on a desktop computer unit. Users only need to import the PDF document into the PubHTML5 platform by clicking the “Import File” button and browsing through the location where the PDF to be converted can be found. The design interface will appear by default. This is where users can explore the templates, themes and other customizable settings. By clicking on the “Book Language” tab, users will get to choose among the dropdown list of languages that they prefer to appear on the labels of the flipbook. They can further customize the language setting by highlighting a particular item in the label list and clicking on the “Edit” tab. The “Edit Language String” window will pop out and this is where users can change how an item will be labeled. Users can either click the “Save and Edit Next” or the “OK” button to keep the changes.

Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5, said, “This page flip software has effectively served clients globally, who interact with an audience from various cultures and with different languages. With this, we added the language customization feature of PubHTML5 that will allow users to produce digital contents with labels that are readable in many languages.” With such innovation done by the design team of PubHTML5, the company of the said page flip software was able to record a double increase in the number of downloads and plan upgrades, from the free version to Pro.

PubHTML5 page flip software is also rich in design options to make engaging digital magazines, brochures, catalogs, albums and even informative books. These digital materials can be published with sophistication, but in fact, these can be done even by those who are still newbies in designing online contents.

About PubHTML5

PubHTML5 page flip software is a reputable digital publishing solution that has satisfied the needs of many online marketers. With millions of software downloads recorded to date, the company of PubHTML5 still continues to upgrade and enhance the page flip software to be able to deliver quality online contents. This all-in-one page flip software effectively converts ordinary PDF documents into impressive digital contents that are worth sharing. PubHTML5 website,, is worth the visit as it has loads of interesting information about the page flip software.

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