Stjepan Bolibruh \”EvilTwin\” New Song, Dark, Now Available In Stores

EvilTwin (stage name of Croatian artist Stjepan Bolibruh) is proud to announce the release of his new song, Dark, which is now available for purchase in music stores. Dark is the first single out of EvilTwin’s new album, Techno Breeya, which is currently in the final stages of production.

Speaking on the release of Dark, EvilTwin said that “I am excited to share my new music with the world. I have been pouring my energy into working on the new album and refining its final tracklist. Dark, for me, was the best choice for being Techno Breeya’s first single, as it sets the mood for what’s to come. Fans already seem to love Dark, and I can’t wait for them to hear the full album, which should be out very soon!”

Following the success of his debut album, TechNoob, which was released in the previous year, EvilTwin is marching decisively towards establishing himself as one of the artists to look out for in his genre. Experimenting with sound, EvilTwin reinvents himself with each track, pushing his artistic capabilities further, all while maintaining his signature style that fans have come to recognize through his live shows and work on TechNoob. EvilTwin’s latest YouTube song upload, Timeset, which offers a taste of his fresh new sound, has already garnered in excess of ten thousand views in the span of one week since its release, with the number climbing with each passing day – an unmistakable sign of fans’ great anticipation for his new work.

EvilTwin’s management shared that Techno Breeya will include nine new songs, as well as some high-profile collaborations with other contemporary artists. The album’s tracklist has not been shared with the press, and will be revealed at the time of Techno Breeya’s release.

Techno Breeya’s exact release date, along with any announcements with regards to new music videos, as well as live appearances in support of the album will be made in future communications with the press.

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