Nokia and Their Expansion Into Mobile Network Intelligence

People who remember Nokia from long ago will be surprised to find that the company is still going strong. This brand has started a new plan for the digital age which includes new open networking options for customers and businesses. The brand is thinking of bringing back the flip phone, and they are going to provide a new competitor in the market that can keep prices fair. 

What Is Their Open Networking Plan? 

The optical networking plan was designed to make it easier for companies to lay out their network and visualize their infrastructure. They know that these companies need information that will make their networks more efficient, and they have built up these applications in their new WaveSuite so that people can access them right now. They can visit here if they want to see a demonstration of the software. 

Why Would They Go This Route? 

The news, “Nokia launches open optical networking applications,” was enough to get people to think very hard about how they would manage their own companies. Nokia also stepped in to give companies a way to base all their functions off of software. There are many arcane networks that need to be improved because they have been run in an analog style for so long. The way to solve that problem is to work with something like these open optical options. This also gives Nokia some free press so that they can pitch their new phones.

New Products 

Nokia has many new products coming out, and they want their customers to see that they work in many parts of the technology field. They have always been known for cell phones, and they want to have a broader reach in the field. They want people to have a look at new flip phones that they might sell, and they also want to give people the chance to see new items that they might make better than the competition. Because of this, it will be very hard for people to ignore that Nokia might be making the best new phones and network models. 

How Can Customers Benefit? 

Customers benefit because their networks have been improved by a company like ThousandEyes and their network mapping. They make these networks much better at transmitting information, and they have produced amazing results for companies that are offering cell service. The same is true of the companies that are offering Internet service through their mobile devices. A network that can be mapped through advanced software allows for better phone calls, faster downloads, and greater customer satisfaction.

Someone who is planning on getting a new cell phone will see a difference in their service if their provider is using this advanced technology. Open optical network modeling makes it easier for people to have a nice experience no matter where they are in the network. These same programs make it easy for companies to control their networks and protect their infrastructure on a daily basis.

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