Parsed, LLC Partners with ErinApp to Bring Supercharged Referrals to Job Market Fast

ErinApp is a revolutionary recruitment startup that simplifies your company’s referral program, produces high-quality candidates, and drastically reduces recruiting costs. Parsed’s team of React Native specialists created a shared-code base that helped the app get to market fast, and at a fraction of the cost compared to developing two apps.

Pittsburgh, PA – Parsed, LLC is a team of React Native evangelists that helps companies mobilize their vision fast. By working with React Native, companies enjoy a mobile framework that allows them to develop just one app for both iOS and Android, they can drastically reduce application production time and cost. ErinApp, a smart-referral application that supercharges internal employee referral programs, wanted to get to market ASAP. Because Parsed loves working with companies that like to make a big splash, it was a perfect fit.

“The market was dying for this service, but ErinApp faced the same major challenge that all high-potential startups face: We needed a viable app for iOS and Android FAST and at a price that made sense. We heard about Parsed, LLC and found them to be a perfect fit. Their React Native expertise, combined with their proven processes, gave us a working app that wow’d our clients in a fraction of the time it would have taken to develop two separate apps. We were really happy with both their team and their product.” – Mike Stafiej, Founder of ErinApp.

Parsed’s unique business model helps them deliver amazing apps to clients in a fraction of the time of traditional development companies. They are a U.S. based distributed team, so overhead costs are kept to a minimum. They are also React Native specialists, meaning they can develop just one app that accommodates both iOS and Android.

The key to their success is hiring the best people. Moreover, the people they hire care about making a difference. The team takes pride in developing apps that make a major impact in the marketplace and the world at large. This makes ErinApp a logical partner.

“We knew ErinApp had a ton of potential. Most company referral programs are inefficient. They leave many positions unfilled, or worse, the company wastes money hiring (and firing!) poor-quality candidates. At Parsed, we rely heavily on recommendations from existing employees, so we knew any app that helped empower this process could make a huge difference to the users’ bottom line.” – Casey Garland, Founder of Parsed, said.

ErinApp solves these traditional referral problems by leveraging your existing internal network. Your employees know thousands of people, so when a new position opens, ErinApp instantly notifies everyone and begins to attract ideal, long-tenured candidates down your hiring funnel. This can drastically reduce recruiting and turnover costs while increasing the strength of your internal team.

The app can cut recruiting time in half and reduce unnecessary costs by as much as 60%. That’s a positive impact Parsed is happy to make. The company is ecstatic they were able to help yet another client bring their mobile app to life, and get to market fast.

Learn more about React Native and how it’s becoming the go-to platform for developing cross-platform mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Parsed LLC is located in Pittsburgh, PA, and they serve clients globally. Contact them via phone at (412) 440-8967 or via email at

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