The Basics of Blockchain Tech and the Advantages it Provides to Cryptocurrencies

The biggest news in the world of cryptocurrency has been the blockchain. Blockchain tech has opened doors to possibilities never thought of before. In a widening market full of fraud and fragmentation there was little hope for future of virtual tender. Now, with blockchain technology, this may be age where traditional banking is finally dispensed with. Even stocks have the capability to become virtual now. Despite this wave of huge development, many still have no idea what a blockchain is. The learning curve for all things cryptocurrency can be hard. Even cryptocurrency itself is still a mystery to many. Here are the basic fundamentals of blockchain tech. 

What Exactly Is It? 

Blockchains are basically virtual ledgers that keep track of virtual transactions. They do this by generating huge lists of data using cryptography. Not only does this form protection for personal information, but it also protects against fraud. The lists are a digital fingerprint that tracks an online users every move. Every time a buyer purchases, sells, or transfers virtual monies the ledger keeps stock. If the either the buyer or seller does something fraudulent the blockchain records this. These records are presented whenever the user does future transaction allowing anyone they deal with proper warning. In this way it weeds out fraud by isolating and marking all the dishonest users. 

What are the Advantages? 

Blockchains are decentralized. According to the blockchain fundamentals DeCal this means it operates without a central hub. This is great as it means blockchains use independent servers across the world. This offers protection in case anyone on server goes down, as well as ease of access. It also offers the height of security and ensures that no one party can take over cryptocurrency. 

Blockchains are most notable for protecting against fraud. As aforementioned in the first section of this page, fraud is one of the primary setbacks virtual currency faces. The second is fragmentation. Fragmentation refers to all the tiny companies that have been providing security so far. These are the places that vet users, check backgrounds, and also facilitate currency exchange. Although they provide security their use increases the cost of business. It also slows down transactions to a crawl. Blockchains render such middlemen moot. 

The most amazing thing about blockchains is that they offer speedy transactions. As blockchains are a form of software they are always on. This means that they operate 24 hrs. a day, seven days a week. Processes are validated and approved at a much faster scale. This makes the use of cryptocurrency for business a more viable choice. For investors it offers security, the ability to deal in more than one form of cryptocurrency and is easy to use. Most investors can gain blockchain tech through a reliable app like Abra.


The primary drawback to the use of cryptocurrency is that business have to adopt a completely new technology. This retrofit can be costly and frustrating. Blockchains are also known to use a lot of energy. These drawbacks only exist from a business standpoint.

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