Zero Emission set to launch a project to reduce CO2 emission and reverse global warming

Raising funds through membership to get resources to develop environment-friendly technologies

CO2 emission into the atmosphere is one of the major causes of climate change. There is a need for a collective effort to help secure the future of the planet. Zero Emission, an association of likeminded people, is proud to announce they will be launching their project on January 1st, 2019. The organization’s aim is to promote the use of electronic devices that produce less co2 into the atmosphere, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of every household. The also promote wind energy, biogas, and energy self-sufficient household. Up to four membership levels are available for anyone to join them and make the world a better place.

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“We live in a beautiful world that is gradually becoming a complete wasteland due to carbon emissions from the usage of certain devices. Our job at Zero Emission is to promote the consciousness that we need to start taking our planet seriously before things get out of hand. We’re giving everyone the opportunity to take part in the healing our planet. Not by asking you to reduce consumption but by making little changes to your lifestyle that will create a big difference,” said Benedikt Krause, a representative of Zero Emission E.V.

Zero Emission is in search of likeminded people who will join them in their question to reduce carbon footprints in households. They plan to achieve this not by telling people to reduce consumption but to make use of technology that emits less CO2.

They’re also offering four types of membership, including green, bronze, silver, and gold memberships. The association targets individuals and businesses, by giving them c02 certificates, which they use to raise even more funds. Their plan is to invest the membership fund into research and development of new technologies that will promote carbon-reduction. Such projects include energy self-sufficient household, wind energy, Organic Rankine cycle, and biogas.

About Zero Emission E.V

Zero Emission E.V is an association with the commitment to create an avenue for people to come together and rescue the planet from the negative effects of global warming. They’re also committed to research and development of new technology that will make the world a better place.

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