Ex0-SYS Alph@TaV Vault offers the ultimate level of digital file protection

Ex0-SYS, a Swiss company focused on creating new technologies, including ethical processing and digital data security, seeking to help everyone concerned about their privacy in the digital age.

The Ex0-SYS Alph@TaV Vault recently made its debut on Kickstarter, where backers are getting a first look at the future of digital data protection. This innovative platform offers absolute protection against unauthorized access, thereby securing e-mail attachment transmission, confidential data, financial data, and more.

Our tools are designed to combat global electronic surveillance that interferes with our private and professional lives, everywhere, at any time and without our knowledge, said the team at Ex0-SYS.

At Ex0-SYS, the mission is to create new technologies pivoting on ethical processing and digital data security. They have designed the finalized version of Alph@TaV with their own financing, and they have created a Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness and funding for publication.

With Alph@TaV, users can protect data with a max key size of 27,000 bits; decide which computer or hardware any data can be encrypted; put time limitations on encryption; choose if data should be destroyed due to failed decryption attempt; and the ability to freely decode any authorized encoded or encrypted files without restrictions.

Other features include secure e-mail attachment transmission, the ability to securely archive files and folders, hardware restriction capability, a secured file temporal decoding limit, and a quantum computer resistant solution.

Ex0-SYS intends on evolving the current platform to offer even more features. In addition, the team asks backers to submit their suggestions. Currently, the Kickstarter campaign aims to raise just over $23,000 in funds to help continue the publication and distribution of the groundbreaking Alph@TaV platform. Backers are now receiving their copies of the software with full licenses for one month, three months, and one year.

For anyone who is concerned about their privacy in the digital age, run of the mill privacy software doesnt always offer full coverage protection. Alph@TaV solves this issue. More information can be found here.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ex0-SYS Alph@TaV
City: Lausanne
Country: Switzerland
Website: www.ex0-sys.ch