SANSI Full Spectrum Waterproof LED Grow Light for Indoor Gardening

Light is essential for plant growth. LED grow light is a proven light source that provides longevity, optimal spectral control, photosynthetic efficiency and rapid return on investment with reduced total cost of ownership.

Plants need a certain spectrum of light to enable them to do photosynthesis and grow correctly, and while natural light provides this, not every plant has the right does for the right amount of time to ensure it grows optimally. SANSI LED full spectrum grow light is one of the most unique lights on the market. With its ceramic structure, hollowed-out base and superior brightness. It is an ideal solution for indoor gardening applications.

Patented Ceramic LED technology

what separates this grow light from the majority of others is its use of ceramic. Most LED grow lights use aluminum and glue the LED chips onto it using adhesives and PC boards. However, SANSI’s lights have been engineered to be different. Ceramic, unlike aluminum, is a non-conductive material, so the LED chips can be stuck directly onto the ceramic body. This allows for there to be less parts within the bulb resulting in less heat created and energy wasted. Overall, creating a more energy efficient bulb.

Honeycomb structure 

The honeycomb design not only promotes superior heat dissipation, it also contributes to the production and weight of the light. The adoption of using a ceramic honeycomb structure allows this light to use less material in production; making this light environmentally friendly right the way from creation to performing in the home.

Hollow base  

The last distinct feature of SANSI’s 40W grow light is its hollowed-out base. This, like its honeycomb structure, contributes to the look of the light while providing ideal conditions to dissipate heat.

SANSI is developing a comprehensive range of LED products, stretching from display solutions to all forms of industrial and architectural lighting. We aim to offer the most cutting-edge grow lighting solution for growers in the future.

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