Alaska Fish Nutrition Proposes Converting Fish Byproducts into Nutritious, High Protein Foods

Each year, the Alaskan fishing industry produces millions of metric tons of fish byproducts which are ground and discarded or used as fertilizer.  A new company Alaska Fish Nutrition would like to convert those byproducts into food stuffs that would be rich in calories, protein, and nutrients like Omega 3. Not only would this help solve the problem of starving masses around the world, because it would provide cheap and nutritious foods, but it would also curtail damage to the waters of Alaska where these byproducts would be dumped.

The owner of Alaska Fish Nutrition is Nick Zorich, a fisherman who has worked the waters of Alaska for more than 25 years. After originally conceiving of the idea of processing salmon and other fish byproducts for food, Nick established his company and applied for a grant from the state of Alaska to begin a pilot project. 

There are many reasons why this concept would not only be successful, but also highly profitable.  Most fish processing companies discard up to 60% of a fish while processing.  This material is still highly nutritious, but is considered unusable by these companies, so they could be acquired for a minimal price.  Secondly, Nick is confident that the food products made would meet the highest standards for human consumption, but if not, may also be used as pet foods.

To help make this a reality, Nick has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $300,000. In return for supporting this important project, you may receive perks like smoked salmon, pet treats, Alaskan tours, fishing trips, or fully paid luxury fishing adventures. 

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Company Name: Alaska Fish Nutrition
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