Business Coach Mary Bicknell, Creator of the Big, Bold Life & Biz Plan, Featured on Influencers Radio

Mary Bicknell, creator of the Big, Bold Life & Biz Plan, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. She discussed how she helps women entrepreneurs and corporate escapees who are not living the life they envisioned.

Business Coach Mary Bicknell, the creator of the Big, Bold Life & Biz Plan, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. She discussed how she helps women entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate escapees who are not living the life they envisioned.

Over time, many who have gone on to start their own careers or businesses realize that the dreams they had in the beginning are either not going to be fulfilled or are too far off in the future. The norm is to work hard, work long hours and sacrifice other parts of life to make their business succeed.

Bicknell has coined the phrase Crazy Big Dream – that thing someone may never have told a single soul but that pulls and tugs at them. People may suppress that dream and not pursue it because it goes against the norm, since others are not pursuing their crazy big dreams.

Instead of starting a business as an entrepreneur and then living life with the leftovers of their time, Bicknell encourages her clients to BE BOLD and go for their “Crazy Big Dream.” She then shows them how to design their ideal lifestyle, – and build their business to support that “Crazy Big Dream”, whatever that may look like.

According to Bicknell, “A lot of people start their business because they think that it’s going to give them freedom. And because they’re so programmed that you just have to work, work, work, work, what’s the point? You’ve bought yourself a job. And so my perspective is always when starting with my clients, what is that crazy big dream and what does that look like in your lifestyle? That’s always first.

So it’s about you deciding that you are going to live your life first. Because today we live in a world where we can build businesses to support our lifestyle. There are business structures. We can have support staff. All those things that take care of all those little business things, while you’re doing the thing that you really want to be doing in your business.”

When others are doing the 9-to-5, 40-hour work week grind, it can be hard and lonely to be the person who designs their ideal lifestyle and then builds a business to support that lifestyle. Guilt and other issues may come into play. Bicknell feels it’s important to examine your mindset and where the guilt and obstacles are coming from.

One of the strategies she uses with her clients is having them examine what aspects of their personal and business life they can outsource or hire someone else to do. The time that remains becomes highly focused on doing the business tasks they love and are good at, while also creating time to spend as they wish in their personal lives.

Bicknell also discusses the importance of a client’s mindset and their beliefs about money and where those beliefs came from.

This interesting interview will inspire many to begin to live their Crazy Big Dreams.

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