VirtualQube Executives Reveal The Ways Their Innovative Service Is Fueling Tech Growth In Seattle

CEO Scott Gorcester and Chief Strategy Officer Karl Burns of VirtualQube were recently interviewed by Business Innovators Magazine. The two talk about cloud computing and it’s growth in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle is set to sit among the top five tech centers of the United States over the next few decades and even rival Silicon Valley in some respects. At least that is the view of two executives from VirtualQube. CEO Scott Gorcester and Chief Strategy Officer Karl Burns recently sat for an interview with Business Innovators Magazine to talk about their business, the state of the tech industry in the Pacific Northwest, and how the two connect.

The two express a note of caution that the tech industry is very susceptible to sudden shocks and turbulence in the economy. As Gorcester puts it, “My opinion is that the tech business and the cloud industry is alive and well and will see sustained growth in this area for the next one to two decades at a minimum. It should be noted however that there are many threats to the “well-being” of tech industry and things can change quickly.”

VirtualQube is a leader in Cloud-based computing and as both men point out in the article, their company and others like it may keep Seattle in the lead when it comes to the Cloud for a few years, but the very nature of Cloud computing means that companies can pop up anywhere in the country or the world. Still, both men see a strong economic recovery in Seattle over the next 3 to 5 years, led by the tech industry. It is no surprise that Gorcester and Burns view Cloud Computing as the driving force in this tech-driven expansion. As Burns puts it, “I see ‘cloud’ driving the financial performance of companies throughout the city/region. Businesses will make more money and be able to expand thanks to the financial, operational, and technical benefits to the cloud. In summary, they will be able to conduct business without the constraints of asset decisions from 5 years ago.”

Gorcester and Burns have positioned VirtualQube well to be a part of the economic growth in Seattle because as Cloud Computing grows in significance, companies in every industry will need firms experienced in the Cloud to teach them how to use it most effectively. Gorcester points out that VirtualQube is very experienced in the underlying technologies that enable Cloud Computing and that the company takes a unique approach to client service. VirtualQube works with each client to develop Cloud-based solutions that are tailored to that client. This allows them to use the Cloud in the most effective way possible. Burns points out that teaching clients how to effectively use the Cloud helps them eliminate much of their IT expenditures and allows them to focus on their core competencies.

In this sense, VirtualQube is a very important player in helping Seattle-based companies grow through increased Cloud Computing, and in the process is helping the city’s economy grow and transforming the tech industry in the region.

The article currently appears in the latest issue of Business Innovators Magazine.

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