German LIECTROUX Restaurant Service Robot Enters The Restaurant Service Industry Smart Black Technology Brings Customers A New Dining Experience

With the development of science and technology in recent years, smart black technology has gradually penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives. The products of various smart black technology such as food delivery robot, wheelchair robot, and library staff robot have emerged. They not only bring convenience to people but also make people feel the charm of smart black technology.

Recently, smart black technology has entered the restaurant service industry and the application of restaurant service robot has promoted the intelligent development and transformation of the restaurant service industry. The adopt of the restaurant service robot in restaurants can not only reduce the workload of the restaurant attendant but also attract a large amount of customers flow, bringing a new dining experience to customers and greatly promoting the development of restaurants.

German LIECTROUX Restaurant Service Robot Enters The Restaurant Service Industry Smart Black Technology Brings Customers A New Dining Experience

German LIECTROUX restaurant service robot is a human brain-like robot. Its operating system is a comprehensive intelligent system that combines with the ability such as vision, hearing, language expression, thinking and execution etc,. That is to say, the robot can operate in a way that similar to human brain. It has a humanoid and lovely appearance, flexible action and is able to carry out several tasks such as welcoming guests and seeing guests out, ordering, delivering food, recycling tableware, cleaning and other work. When customers enter the restaurant, it will greet customers in the first time, ask the customer for information like the number of people to eat and location preferences. And then it will lead customers to the appropriate seat. Then it will start ordering.

The robot can communicate with customers smoothly. The computer screen on its chest can display the dishes for customers to watch. And it can answer customers’ questions accurately and quickly. After completing the order, it will reconfirm the selected dish and the total price with the customers and it will release the information to the kitchen only after the customers’ confirmation. After the dishes are finished, the robot will deliver the food immediately. Its comprehensive intelligent system ensures that it delivers the food accurately and safely. Circumstances like the restaurant waiter sending because of busyness or sprinkling hot soup on the customer will not happen. When customers leave the restaurant after the meal, the robot will smile and say “slow down, welcome your next visit.” to customers. In addition, the robot will quickly and carefully clean the seat after customers have eaten and it will recycle the tableware.

As the traditional crack force in the field of intelligent robot research and development, German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has always maintained its leading position in the industry with its strong scientific research strength and rigorous and careful work style. The intelligent robots developed by it have won the favor of consumers by their novel appearance, powerful functions and stable quality. Among them, the robot vacuum cleaner developed by it has set off a boom in the smart home appliance market. (You can view the website: or German LIECTROUX robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a laser ranging sensor that is able to scan the room, coupled with the SLAM algorithm  it is equipped with to accurately construct a room map and position and clean in real time. Secondly, it will switch the cleaning method according to surrounding environment.

For example, it will adopt the cleaning method of sucking for cleaning the hair. Its 3000Pa powerful suction can easily absorb the hair without entanglement. For the large particle dust, it will adopt the V-shaped floating roller brush to clean. It is able to gather dust efficiently and clean deep into the gap. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner also has a first-class intelligent escaping ability. When it encounters complicated situation like wire winding, it will get out of trouble in a short time by adjusting the speed of the side brushes. Once launched, robot vacuum cleaner has become the new lover of the smart home appliance market and is favored by consumers.

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