San Diego, CA Egg Donor Agency, an internationally recognized organization known for a world-class egg donor program has just opened a new office and launched a new website. The website is said to help facilitate the application process for people who want to become donors and also people who want to receive an egg donation. With a unique approach to egg donation in San Diego, CA, Egg Donor Agency is now the leading agency in California and the USA.

The Egg Donor Agency website educates people on the steps to take to become a certified donor under the Egg Donor Agency Program. With navigation links on the menu page, users can quickly learn all about egg donation and the process to become a donor. It has joyed many people to see couples be blessed with the joy of parenthood. With the amazing program from Egg Donor Agency, this dream is now possible.

New couples looking for an egg donation can also use the website to simplify the process. Egg Donor Agency sets high standards for their egg donation process. They make sure they study, examine, screen and then approve donors using approved medical standards of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine before egg donation takes place. Since Egg Donor Agency has already built a solid reputation throughout California for flawless egg donation services, many international couples are turning to them too.

There are a variety of donors available. Based on the specific requirements and needs of each recipient, selections will be made. “We have the following candidates: Asian, Spanish, African-American, Caucasian, and others,” stated Kaylee Smit, manager of the agency. The donors are people who have agreed to voluntarily donate their eggs to help fellow women reach their dream of motherhood and make families happy.

Egg Donor Agency serves as the link between egg donors and receivers. With years of being in the industry, they have helped several couples in California become parents through egg donation and in vitro fertilization. Egg Donor Agency is located at 402 West Broadway #401, San Diego CA. Contact them via phone at (619) 304-8950, or via email at For additional information about their services, visit their website.

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