Holistic Dentist San Diego, Encinitas, CA, Talks About Mercury Free Dentistry in Interview

“Holistic Dentist San Diego, CA, Dr. Marvin of the Center for Natural Dentistry.”
Amalgam fillings have mercury as the major component and continued use could result in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Dr. Marvin and his practice have issued a stern warning against the use of amalgam fillings and other treatment methods that utilize mercury as part of their ingredients.

Dr. Marvin Pantangco, who runs The Center for Natural Dentistry, a holistic dental clinic in Encinitas, CA, recommends against the use of mercury in any dental treatment. Amalgam fillings are one such dental treatment method that he advises against primarily because one of the main ingredients in this filling is mercury. In order to reduce the risk of mercury poisoning, patients have to make sure that no mercury is used in any of their dental treatments. Those who have been exposed to mercury through amalgam fillings, should get them removed.

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Mercury being one of the core components of amalgam fillings is what makes them dangerous. These fillings can cause harm both during and after their installation. It is easy for the dentist to make a mistake and thereby expose your teeth directly to the mercury. In addition, after getting the fillings installed, the mercury usually starts to slowly leak into the bloodstream and this is when health issues begin. Hot conditions, such as drinking hot liquids make it even easier for the mercury to become absorbed into the teeth. Traditionally, silver fillings are made up of silver, copper and tin, but mercury is what keeps these materials bound together.

There are plenty of studies which have shown that amalgam fillings, or more specifically, the mercury contained in them result in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. A study by the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology found out that amalgam fillings were the cause of two-thirds of the cases of unwanted build-up of mercury in patients. To support this study, an investigation into human cadavers found that individuals who had 12 amalgam fillings and above had 10 times more mercury in their system than individuals who had 3 times as many amalgam fillings.

The cheap nature of amalgam fillings is the reason why it has grown in popularity over the last century. According to Dr. Marvin, “Our goal as dentists is to find better cures now that we have found out the dangers of amalgam fillings.” This is what led to Dr. Marvin to start the Center for Natural Dentistry clinic that focuses on alternative and natural dental treatments.

Dr. Marvin has developed a safe way to remove amalgam fillings, and has also found a safer alternative for his patients. However, it is important that the procedure is handled by a professional because patients could risk more exposure to mercury.

“Our mercury removal process is top-notch, safe and effective.” says Dr. Marvin. “We use the best materials that are safe and effective,” he adds.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Marvin’s for 3.5 yrs,” said Edna B. “His knowledge and expertise in natural holistic methods put me at ease from the vary start. Dr. Marvin is an expert in his field and a vary kind man. I highly recommend him.”

Dr. Marvin is a leader when it comes to natural dental treatments and has been a huge advocate for not only mercury poisoning, natural dentistry and gum disease. He has IABDM Certification and his practice, the Center for Natural Dentistry is a leader in Encinitas when it comes to alternative dental treatments. He offers services in San Diego, Encinitas, Carlsbad, and La Jolla.

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