China-hifi-Audio Now Brings Cayin CD Players At Affordable Prices For Music Lovers Around The World

Besides CD players, China-hifi-Audio also announces the availability of the Cayin A 100T power and integrated amplifier in their stock.

Cayin is a well-known brand with a variety of products for the music industry. They offer high-end tube integrated amplifiers as well as CD players. China-hifi-Audio already has dozens of Cayin amplifiers in their stock, and now they have included a few Cayin CD players as well. One can purchase these Cayin CD players and amplifiers at reasonable prices from the online store now.

According to the spokesperson of the online store, they have the Cayin CDT-17A CD player, which is a classic product with a new aluminum alloy construction. The deluxe edition of the CD player has a shipping weight of 13.5kg and features the advanced high definition USB audio technology. This hi-fi audio CD music player features a pure CD digital servo program, with the industry-leading digital audio receiving circuit. The spokesperson states that Cayin has years of experience in designing CD players, and this CD player has the USB 2.0 interface to receive and decode the audio signals perfectly. With top-end digital-to-analogue conversion chips, the CD player offers the full balanced output. The product also features two ring transformers to separately power digital and analog circuits.

China-hifi-Audio Now Brings Cayin CD Players At Affordable Prices For Music Lovers Around The World

Another Cayin CD player to enter their stock is the Cayin CDT-17A MK2 tube decoding high-end CD player. This 100% brand new deluxe edition of the CD player went for a classic upgrade with a new aluminum alloy shell. With its pure digital servo program, the CD player adopts a redesigned movement and a new suspension system. The advanced USB 2.0 technology allows receiving and decoding of audio signals through the USB 2.0 interface. With the high-resolution digital audio receiving circuit, the HD audio playback output can be received and decoded through the optical fiber receiving head and the coaxial terminal. The two prestigious DACs helps in delivering full-balanced output and the left and right channels are independently decoded. The CD player also has four Dutch-made electron tubes for the buffer amplification of balanced and unbalanced line outputs. The CD player gives more beautiful and more pleasant sound quality.

The online store also has the Cayin A 100T power and integrated amplifier for people to enjoy beautiful and magical music. With pure handmade and point-to-point scaffolding, the amplifier features an aluminum shell CNC structure and comes with a protective tube cover. The amplifier is capable of controlling the noise to a very low level to deliver sweet, pleasant and soft sound. The amplifier is capable of amplifying the speed, texture and strength of the ordinary sound. The machine comes fitted with a high quality transformer, especially developed for the amplifier.

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