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There are five treatments for reenex. Customers can choose different mixes as their needs indicate. After the list of values, there will be a brief duplicate of the official site:

• CPS plus life treatment.

• The autotherapy of solidified optic collagen (Aramis) has been supplanted with another machine and has been transferred to “To a large extent, self-life treatment of frozen optical collagen”

• HGF promulgates cell proliferation treatment (HydraFacial)

• TRF collagen intense firming treatment

• AUF fat firming contour treatment

The above mixture is linked by an arrangement of articles for skin care for the clients, which makes the treatment more and more surprising. Number of treatments in the mixture = Number of purchases.

Model: Taking Combo A, for example, the cost of 12 treatments can be seen in combination (CPS, plus skin treatment, self-drug of solidified optical collagen, cells activated by HGF). The proliferative treatment is several times, that is, 12 x 3 = 36 treatments.

Course of cutaneous treatment plus CPS

Dissolving mature keratin to improve the establishment of healthy skin can improve roughness, displeasure, shine, the appearance of skin, lack of water, inflammation of the skin

Viably dissolves the old skin of the nail and advances digestion;

Dynamic and rich skin layer to improve simplicity, softness and saturation block;

Revive the skin with an invigorating cycle of 28 days and a healthy equalization of water and oil;

Auto-medicine of solidified optical collagen (Aramis)

Proliferates collagen to consolidate the fundamental structure.

The solidified optics of 1540 nm depth in the collagen layer of 500 microns depth, stimulating the self-proliferation of collagen;

100% absorbed by the facial skin to improve the flexibility and support of the skin;

It is said that it can diminish wrinkles and scarce the differences up to 41%;

Improve wrinkles, hanging, lack of water, detachment of skin and vast pores.

HGF implements the treatment of cell proliferation (HydroFacial)

It has a development factor that multiplies hyperplasia, collagen, brightness, saturation, improves hard roughness, evacuation of old keratin, decreased appearance of clogged pores.

Eliminates heat and dirt, improves unpleasant brusqueness and increases the ability of the skin to absorb the supplements;

Present 110 types of high-focus human development consider removing the deep layer of collagen to accelerate the collagen’s self-age;

Intense firming treatment of collagen TRF

Reproducing collagen molecules instantly lifts the firming and firming skin, softens wrinkles, improves facial shapes, improves slack and amplifies pores

The innovative “Double firming performance” is the domain The main RF innovation that unites with unipolar and bipolar;

It heats the collagen to repair and quickly consolidate the structure of the muscular base;

Fat Firming Contour Treatment AUF

3 stages to restore the firming shape and the whole muscle of the apple

Disperse the non-adulterated fat cells with ultrasound to remove unsaturated fats;

The bipolar RF halfway warms the superficial skin, allowing the collagen to be pressed firmly;

Improves edema of the skin and softens wrinkles, strengthens the firming skin;

Reenex unequivocally isolates the cost of 2: hour from the peak with no maximum time, the maximum cost will be approximately 10%. If you pay with EPS / Cash, you have an additional 6% discount on the money ~ I can join at a time that is not the best, and the time of stalking is fine. Anyway, the facial impact is equivalent to the administration.


It is worth mentioning that the area of the reenex liberal branch is migrated, and most of them are found in commercial structures of Grade A, for example, Langham Place, Times Square and Pacif Place. I am restoring at Langham Place, and I will work at work to do the treatment. It is extremely advantageous. In any case, regardless of whether the work is planned to go on vacation, it will be the equivalent.

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