A 1950’s Coming of Age Novel with Hot Rods, Rock-n-Roll & Sock Hops

Albany, OR, USA – Sonny Mitchell is back, and this time his heart is doing the talking. Author Jim Lindsay, known for his highly acclaimed novel The Little Bastards, hooked us with his cocky, handsome, drag-racing character in his 1950s era coming-of-age story. Now, his blue-collar boy has returned in Swerve: The Little Bastards, Book 2 and is pining for Marylyn Swanson. He saved her life in the first book, earning her affections, but not those of her father.

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Sonny narrates: If I’d been born on the other side of town and hung out at the tennis court, I’d be having Sunday dinner at the Swanson’s by now. I was in a hell of a jam, and for the first time in my life, I had no idea what to do. And that dropped me off the end of the world.

With flashbacks to his childhood in the story, Sonny Mitchell is preparing for his friend’s wedding, while wanting to win the love of his own life. Working hard at the town mill, he is saving for college and trying to make more of himself, but notices that something’s afoot and the mill is mysteriously losing money. If he can figure out why, he can be a town hero and earn the affections of Marylyn’s father. He owns the bank in town and his money is tied in with the mill. Through the white-knuckle world of illegal racing, the camaraderie of the Little Bastards gang, and the idyllic home life of our main character, Lindsay walks us through a very realistic and inviting era of a simpler life, where boys were boys.

Few writers today can match the authenticity of that mysterious, challenging time as the coming of age – especially in the1950s – that Jim Lindsay brings to this slice of time and life. It is rich in content, plain spoken in narration, and offers us insight into young lads whose journey has just begun. Highly Recommended.
– Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 Hall of Fame Reviewer

Swerve! transports readers to the era of bomber jackets, greased hair, and Lucky Strike cigarettes. It is also a love story, of a man trying to prove himself worthy of a woman he loves.

“This novel is about growing up in the fifties…” says author Jim Lindsay, who did just that. “We grew up with a mixture of gas, oil, and Olympia beer flowing through our veins.” Now, retired from farming, Lindsay has built the dream car he longed for back in high school, and holds numerous speed records in drag racing. Adding his love of cars into his writing, Lindsay tells a fast-moving story that you won’t want to put down.

“This one starts with a bang and ends with a bang. And what’s in between is darn good story telling.”
– Pat Ganahl, Former Editor of Hot Rod Magazine & Rod & Custom Magazine

Lindsay’s prose is so smooth you can smell the gasoline in the garage where Sonny works on his car or see the large Oregon sky yawning above you. And writing true to what he knows, Lindsay takes us on a wild ass front-seat ride down a darkened highway with Sonny at the wheel.

“Lindsay ruminates repeatedly on the fun and freedom of being a hot-rodding, blue-collar boy in the 50’s, a nostalgia close to his heart.” – Kirkus Reviews

Living a life of danger and romance, Sonny Mitchell, owner of the fastest car in town, is a character you will grow to love. Pick up this novel and hang on for the ride of your life.

Swerve: The Little Bastards, Book 2 ISBN 1732637903, 2018, CreateSpace, paperback, $15.00, 370 pages, available on Amazon, Goodreads, BN or the author’s website: JimLindsayAuthor.com.

View the book trailer here: http://bit.ly/SWERVE-BookTrailer.

About Jim Lindsay

Jim Lindsay was born on a farm in 1947 near Albany, Oregon. He spent his early years helping with the stock and the crops that sustained him and his family. He pedaled his bike to a 2-room school that was so small he couldn’t hide from a great education. His childhood is full of good memories, great people and hard work. Surrounded by older teens who worked on the farm, Lindsay picked up their love of building hot rods and on occasion got to ride along, sitting low in a chopped down Ford on an army blanket seat with the smell of cigarette smoke and music coming from the radio in the art-deco dash. In 1976 he built a flathead powered Ford roadster that he should have had in high school. Later in his farming career he began drag racing and now regularly competes at the Bonneville Salt Flats and other land speed venues. He holds numerous records and has experienced the thrill of 220 mph sitting in front of a 1950 Mercury engine. His first book, The Little Bastards, has received high critical acclaim, and Swerve is its much-anticipated sequel. He is currently writing a biography about Chuck Mawhinney, a Vietnam Marine sniper.

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