Sublime Wellness Center Helps Recovering Addicts Reach Their Full Potential With Exclusive Inpatient Rehab Services in Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana, CA – Addiction is a mental health issue which can cause significant negative impacts on a victim’s life, and as such, demands proper and holistic treatment from a team of experienced professionals, thus, leading to the establishment of Sublime Wellness Center, an addiction treatment facility. At Sublime Wellness Center, the team of addiction treatment specialists understand the negative effects of addiction and the deeply rooted triggers, and as such, are well posited to help addicts and recovering addicts reach their full potentials with the exclusive inpatient service offered amongst other services.

At Sublime Wellness Center, the rehabilitation facility prides itself on the quality of rehabilitation treatment services offered and hold each patient in high regards, and as such, has chosen for itself a team of demonstrated alcohol and drug rehabilitation specialists who are highly skilled, well trained, professional, and friendly. Sublime Wellness Center provides each of their client’s with top-of-the-line rehabilitation treatment services all within their highly convenient and relaxing wellness facility.

The spokesperson for the rehabilitation specialists, Sublime Wellness Center, while describing their company and the services offered said, “Sublime Wellness Center is a residential, inpatient, medical detox and addiction rehab facility. Sublime Wellness Center helps individuals in the early stages of recovery address the missing pieces of healthy healing needed to experience life-changing peace and serenity. Viewed as one of the top drug rehab centers in California, our programs are built upon results. Providing our residents with a deeper understanding of their addiction, and most importantly, a true plan to remain sober. If you are willing to take the first step to save your life or the life of someone you love, we will be with you the rest of the way by providing safe and comfortable addiction detox services, results-based inpatient drug rehab, short-term addiction treatment, and medication-assisted treatment.”

Aiming to redefine the drug and alcohol addiction treatment practice, Sublime Wellness Center employs the use of the latest, tested, and trusted addiction treatment techniques and programs to ensure that each client gets the best rehabilitation services tailored for their well being and mental stability.

At Sublime Wellness Center, the team of addiction treatment specialists offer a wide range of services and programs aimed at holistically dealing with the root cause of addiction in each patient. Sublime Wellness Center offers detox, short-term residential rehabilitation program, residential rehabilitation program, Medicine Assisted Treatment (MAT) and more, all aimed at helping each client battle the demands and effects of addiction while setting them on the right path of self-consciousness, self-worth, and self-actualization.

If in need of the best addiction treatment facility, see Sublime Wellness Center for California addiction treatment programs or visit their office located at 1231 W St Gertrude Pl, Santa Ana, CA 92707. For inquiries and bookings, contact them via phone at (949) 300-1657, or via email at

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