Murad Islamov is a notable athlete who plays soccer. He came into mainstream media and gained fame utilizing his Instagram account and posting various jaw-dropping skills with the ball that seems to be unreal sometimes and very eye-opening. His from Manchester New Hampshire, a city where only a few percentages find a way out and gain massive success. Murad Islamov attended hillside middle school and later graduated from Central High School in Manchester NH. Murad played for various teams and made himself a top prospect in the state and globally. He comes from a Turkish background and has a never giving up work ethic. Murad gets his motivation and inspiration from his hardworking parents. Nazira (mom) and Hamid (father) has taught Murad to work hard and be determined to finish whatever you started.

We also noticed that the athlete has an incredible taste to fashion, posting various photos captured by @dark. sight and of his manager @amarlilic. Murad has the potential to become one of the greatest soccer players in our generation. We noticed his Instagram stories recently in the gym, working out his body and getting his exercise in. One of our representatives caught up with the athlete and interviewed him over a Face Time call; this is what we got from the young talent.

Murad is currently working and trusting the process, he has several college scholarships and teams seeking him, it’s just a matter of time. Murad said “I know my worth, and I know what I am capable of doing with my talent, I haven’t yet hit my prime, there’s room for improvement and constantly learning the game, there are no limits to greatness, I’m building mine brick by brick and the world will soon witness it. It’s a matter of time; I put my trust in Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala. “Without Allah, my success will never exist.” It’s also time for Instagram to stamp Murad Islamov and verify his account with a round blue tic next to his name. He has a mass following of 21.6K followers, and he is followed by celebrities throughout the industry. There is no doubt that Murad Islamov is a gifted soccer player.

This individual is very creative and crafty; he has the ability to run faster than any of his opponents and mentally finesse the defenders going the wrong way. This is the come up of Murad Islamov, and we hope to see more of Murad as he rises to success and the stages of his talents. More and more people are recognizing his talents and remember his name! His Time Is NOW.

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